Best Ways To Give A Pill To Your Cat

Cats are stubborn creatures, and it’s usually cumbersome to have them do something that’s against their will.

Aside from a high level of perseverance, you also have to get creative to get your cat to follow your instructions.

One of the things your cat won't willingly do is taking its medicine pills. Cats almost always spit out their medicine pills and getting them to properly take their pills can be difficult.

💡 Did you know that your cats should be dewormed every three months, as recommended by your veterinarian? So, rather than taking your cats to the vet every three months, which can be stressful for them, get your vet's permission, get the deworming tablets, and try to do it yourself at home.

Here are 3 methods we tried successfully:- 

1. Mask the Pill in Food

Masking the pill in its food is the least painful way of feeding your cat its medicines. You can hide the pill in strong smelling can food. 

The challenge here is getting your cat to eat the food with the pill in it, and the best way we found was to cut the pills small enough to hide (rather than crush) so you can be confident that your cat eats it. We discovered that grocery store canned foods, such as Whiskas or Pro Diet, work best because they contain enough solidifier to conceal a pill. Other wet foods, such as Fancy Feast or Sheba, will not work because they are essentially tuna or meat in gravy.

whiskas can foodprodiet can food

You should also monitor your cat after the meal to ensure that it doesn't vomit or spit the pill out. Do not crush the pills because cats have a strong sense of smell and will avoid the food at all costs.

2. By Hand 

feeding your cat pill

This method appears to be impossible for all cat owners, especially those with difficult cats. Surprisingly, we have discovered that if done correctly, this method works the best and most efficiently, especially if your cats require medication on a daily basis.

Step 1: Take a step back and place your cat in front of you (cats tend to reverse when they are faced with threats)
Step 2: Place your cat's favorite food in front of them to attract their attention. Support your cat's head with your left hand and hold the pill with your right hand.
Step 3: Insert the pill through the side of your cat's mouth; it will automatically open and pop into the throat. Voila! 

3. Try using a Pill Popper

This method eradicates the need to place your fingers inside your cat’s mouth.

Using the same method as above, place the medicine pill inside the pill popper and then push the plunger instead by hand, allowing the tablet to enter your cat's mouth. You can feed your cat's favorite treats first before using the pill popper so that your cat can get comfortable with this new eating system.

If you are administering liquid medication to your cat, you may use a syringe with the same method. 

Final Thoughts

If you are a first time cat owner, ask your vet for a demonstration so you can watch and learn properly without injuring your cats. Always remember to remain relaxed and confident when you feed your cat its pills because cats can sense if you are stressed or agitated and might resist if they’re being forced to take their medicine. Take control of the situation and make sure your cat takes its medications on time because, in the long run, it will make your cat healthier and stronger.


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