See below for a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about our products and services. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at hello@pottycats.com

How To Use

How do I choose litter for my cats?
If your cat hasn't been trained to use a litter box, start with the PottyAid litter. You can get the Original litter if you have kittens, or cats with minor medical conditions (respiratory, urinary, allergy, or post-neuter surgery). Charcoal litter can help with extra odor control for multiple cats.

How many packs do I need?
Each pack of Pottycats litter is intended to last up to 1 month for an average sized cat in a standard size litter box (38cm x 28cm). For kittens, one pack may last more than a month.

  • 1 cat - 1 litter box - 1 pack - 1 month 
  • 2 cats - 1 litter box - 2 packs - 1 month
  • 4 cats - 2 litter boxes - 4 packs - 1 month 

Disclaimer: The duration of use may vary depending on the size and usage of each cat.

What are Pottycats litter made of?
Pottycats litter are made entirely from premium food-grade ingredients which are free from artificial fragrance or coloring, primarily soy/tofu, food gum, starch, and water.

Is Pottycats litter suitable for kittens?
Our litter is ideal for kittens above 3-4 weeks as well as cats of all ages. Our pellets are intended to be a gentler and healthier alternative for cats while still delivering a high level of performance.

What distinguishes Pottycats from other soy/tofu litter?
Pottycats provides great litter quality with smooth scooping in solid clumps, excellent odor control without the use of any artificial fragrance, and can last up to a month* with no dust. 

You can obtain tofu litter at a lesser price, but it will break during scooping, be dusty, and have an odor after a few days of use, and it will never last.

How often should I clean?
Every day, scoop your cat's urine clumps and feces. Flush only 1-2 clumps at a time. Wash your litter box with soap and water once a month to remove any residue and bacteria.

Why Pottycats flushable?
It disintegrates instantly when flushed and does not clog your plumbing. Flush only 1-2 clumps at a time. DO NOT FLUSH large clumps of leftovers, especially during monthly disposal; instead, dispose of them normally in a recyclable trash bag.

Does Pottycats litter have a shelf life?
Yes, because it is made from entirely food-grade ingredients, it can be kept fresh and sealed for up to 6 months only. Store in a cool, dry place.

My Pottycats litter has a slight smell, is that normal?
Pottycats is made of 100 percent food-grade ingredients and is unscented, so some soy aroma is normal when you open a new pack.

How to stop my cat from eating litter?
Our litter is safe if digested in small amounts, and it is common for first-time cat to use plant-based litter. To prevent your cat from eating the litter, mix it in with your current litter to mark it as non-food. Keep your cat's litter box away from food and water, and stop them whenever they try to eat.

Is Pottycats litter suitable for all types of litter box?

Yes, our litter is suitable for all types of litter boxes, including open, covered, sifter, and self-cleaning. Only use PottyAid litter with the Litter Robot.

Do I need extra packs for a larger litter box?
Yes, if you're using a larger litter box, such as PottyBox, you'll need extra packs. For 1 cat, this box requires 1 pack and 1/2 per month.

What if my cats share a litter box?
If you have multiple cats sharing a single litter box, simply count the number of cats to get your packs and change your litter more frequently. A good rule of thumb is to keep the litter height at 1 inch.

Where should I put the litter box in a house?
A quiet location that is convenient for both you and your cat, preferably near the toilet to make cleaning easier. It's also a good idea to have one litter box for each cat.

Why aren't my cats using the litter box?
Changes may cause your cats to stop using the litter box. A dirty litter box, as well as the type of litter used, can have an impact on this. Make sure your cats have enough litter boxes and a clean routine. Choose PottyAid litter to help your cats get back into the litter box. If all else fails, seek veterinary advice to rule out any health issues.

How to switch cat litter?
For 2 weeks, mix half of Pottycats litter with half of your current litter. Once your cat is completely familiar, you can gradually increase the ratio until you completely transition to Pottycats.


Do you have a physical shop or do you sell to pet shops?
We do not have a physical shop nor supply to pet shops yet, but we do provide nationwide delivery for your convenience and security. During the checkout process, we offer Express Delivery (1 day) for urgent orders.

Do you have stores in Lazada or Shopee?
Yes we do. For genuine Pottycats products, please shop only at our official stores:




How to use my first time discount code?
When you sign up, you will be given a first-time discount code. Please keep in mind that the discount code is only good for 15% off your first litter pack, not your entire order or other products. Applicable to first time customer only. 


How long does it take to deliver Pottycats litter after placing my order?
If you placed your order between Monday-Friday, processing (order verification, quality check, packaging, dispatch) will take a day and should ship out from our warehouse the next business day. All orders placed Friday after 5PM, over the weekend will be processed and ship on the following week.

Please Note: Orders are not processed or delivered on weekends or public holidays.

West Malaysia:

Standard - From RM5 (3-5 working days) *Free for litter orders above RM150 

Express - RM30 (1 working day) Klang Valley only

East Malaysia & International: Calculate automatically at checkout 

Which courier will be delivering my orders?
For orders from our official website, we work with Ninjavan, J&T for Shopee orders, and LEX for Lazada orders.

Do you have international shipping? 
Yes, we deliver to Singapore at the moment. For other international countries, additional shipping fees will be calculated upon request. 


What are the payment options?

  • Credit/Debit card (via Ipay88) - Master and Visa
  • Online Banking (via Ipay88) - Both local and international banks applied
  • E-wallet - Touch N Go and Grab Pay

Pottycats Club (Monthly Auto-Delivery Subscription)

How to join Pottycats Club?
Navigate to Subscription from our main menu. Choose your plan and fill out the subscription form with your billing information. We will send you an email with instructions on how to customize your subscription within the next 24 hours.

Please keep in mind that the Pottycats Club is currently only available to subscribers in West Malaysia.

How long is the approval process?
It may take up to 7 working days for your issuing bank to approve your application. We will only ship your first subscription after we have received approval from your payment date within the month. Standard delivery takes about 3-5 business days.

What do I get with my Pottycats Club subscription? 
You will receive lifetime free delivery, free pack for every 10 packs and Treats Points.

When is my credit/debit card charged? 
You will be charged according to your subscription payment date submitted. 

When is my credit/debit card charges failed? 
You will be notified and asked to update your credit/debit card to ensure sufficient fund is covered for the payment with the reattempt process. If payment failed for the third time reattempt, we will pause your subscription immediately. Delivery to resume once payment is cleared and Pottycats reserved the rights to collect any due or owed payment in accordance to Pottycats Enterprise Terms and Bank Terms.

Can I change my Pottycats Club subscription packages?
Yes, you can request to modify your plan by emailing us. All changes will take place on the following month. 

How do I cancel my Pottycats Club subscription?
You can reach out to us via email at hello@pottycats.com at least one month prior to your next delivery. No cancellation fees and you are welcome to resume anytime in the future. However, we do not accept any refund once your order is shipped out before any cancellation confirmation takes place. 

How to resume my Pottycats Club subscription after cancellation?
You can reach out to us via email at hello@pottycats.com and we will review or reject all subscription application based on subscribers billing health records. 

How do I know my future deliveries?
You will receive order confirmation email and shipping notification before your next order arrives. You can also log into your account to view all of your previous and incoming orders.

When do I receive my FREE pack?
You will receive your free pack after every 10th packs order and it will be delivered the following month. All free packs variant subject to availability. 


For Solo Pack (1 pack) package with a monthly delivery schedule, your free pack will arrive on the 11th month. In addition, if Family Pack (4 packs), you will receive your free pack on the fourth month.

Will I still get my free pack if I pause my subscription?
You can pause at any time, but your free pack entitlement will be reset, and you will need to re-subscribe to continue enjoying them.

What are my shipping options?
All Pottycats Club orders are given with lifetime free shipping with no minimum order. (Applicable to West Malaysia only)* 

Pottycats Treats Points (Reward Program)

How to join?
It's free to join! Just create an account to start earning Treats instantly.

How to earn Treats Points?

  1. Create an account - 600 Treats
  2. Place an order - 5 Treats for RM1 spent (Solo pack RM35 is equivalent to 175 Treats)
  3. Follow us on Social - 50 Treats each for Facebook and Instagram

How to redeem using Treats Points?
To see your total earned Treats and rewards, log into your account and click the Treats icon on the bottom left. You can then view your discount codes worth up to RM70. Use the generated code to place your order right away!

Can I combine my Treats Points with previous orders?
Unfortunately, not as we launched our reward program on 8th May 2020. But you will receive 600 Treats instantly after you create an account. 

Can I get Treats Points with orders from Shopee or Lazada?
No. You can only earn points by shopping directly from our website.

Can I combine my Treats Points with existing discount codes?
No. You can only use 1 code at one time. 

Will my Treats Points expire?
You must use your treats within one year or they will be forfeited and will not be exchanged for monetary value or cash.

Can I transfer my Treats Points?
No. All Treats are not eligible for any transfers or exchangeable in cash. 

Do subscribers get Treats Points?
Yes. Treats Points are available to active and registered subscribers effective from 1 July 2021, as part of the rewards we provide to our customers. All Treats Points will be calculated beginning July 1, 2021, even if customers subscribed prior to this date, and no points will be carried forward

How to refer a friend?
Log in to your Treats account (click the Treats icon in the bottom left) and a unique referral link will be created for you to share with your friend. Please keep in mind that by using your referral link, each of your referrals will receive a RM10 discount.

Can I use the same referral link each time?
Yes. Your referral link is dedicated only to you and can be used multiple times.

What do I get when I refer a friend?
For each friend who orders through your referral link, you will receive a RM10 discount code in your account.


Do you sell or adopt cats?
We do not sell live animals and are not a shelter. We are a business that sells cat related products.


How do I form a wholesale or collaboration partnership with Pottycats?
You may write in to us at hello@pottycats.com. 

Need more help? Contact us