See below for the most commonly asked questions. If you have any additional questions please contact us at pottycats@gmail.com

How many box do I need?
Each box of Pottycats litter  is designed to last one month for one cat in a medium size litter box with a required minimum depth of 2" for one cat family.  If you have multiple cats and multiple litter boxes, fill each tray. Eg: 2 litter boxes requires 2 Pottycats litter.  It is important to note, that in order to get a full month's use for multi-cat households with multiple litter boxes, the trays must be used evenly between your cats.  

Is Pottycats suitable for kittens?
Yes totally! Pottycats are 100% made from soy; it's so safe even if it's digested and perfect for potty training too. Pottycats are also suitable for senior cats and under medical condition which usually cause more urination. In all, Pottycats is suitable for all ages. 

What are Pottycats made of?
Pottycats are 100% natural and made from human-grade food: soy, food gum, starch & water. 

What makes Pottycats different from other soy litter?
Pottycats are made from 100% soy husk and only small amount of water is added during production unlike other soy litter which filled with mostly water! This is to ensure Pottycats retains its super absorption for odor and urination, yet last longer and cost-savings! Best part, we provide delivery service to your doorstep at all times! 

Will I still need to scoop?
With Pottycats litter, the solids should be scooped daily and disposed by flushing in your toilet. So easy! The bulk waste can be composted, spread thinly throughout your garden or thrown in the garbage bin.

Why Pottycats  flushable?
Pottycats litter is made from 100% soy and dissolves instantly. There are also no harmful clumping agents or clay in our litter that would build up or clog plumbing. 

Does Pottycats litter have shelf life?
Yes as it's made from human-food grade ingredients, it can stay fresh sealed up to 1 year. Store in a dry and cool place.  

What size or types of litter box suitable for Pottycats litter?

A medium or "average" size litter box that measures to 15" long and 11" wide.  If you use a larger litter box or caters to seniority/under medicare care cats which may urinates more, you may want to consider buying an extra box in order to have extra litter coverage. If you're using litter box with sift, it's recommended to use without it as Pottycats litter comes in mini pellets size and it's so easy to clean! Pottycats litter is also suitable for automatic litter box such as Litter Robot. 

My box of Pottycats has a slight smell, is that normal?
Don't worry, it's perfectly fresh! Pottycats is made out from 100% soy so it's normal to have a slight soybean fragrance once you open the box.

Where should I put the litter box in a house?
A quiet location that is easy to access for both you and your cat preferably near to the toilet to ease the cleaning. Perfect for those who stays in apartment! Also, remember to have one litter box per cat.

 Shipping Information

Our goal is to provide the very highest level of convenience to you! Do bear in mind our product is quite heavy at 2.3kg per box but yet we pay for your shipping; West Malaysia and getting the best rate for East Malaysia. 

How long does it take to deliver Pottycats litter after placing my order?
If you placed your order before 5PM Monday-Friday, processing (order verification, quality check, packaging, dispatch) will take 1 day and should ship out from our warehouse the next business day.  All orders placed Friday after 5PM or over the weekend, will process and ship on the following week. 

Standard Shipping

West Malaysia: 7 business days
East Malaysia: 14 business days

Express Shipping
West Malaysia: 3 business days

**We feel your excitement but shipping times may take longer from time to time depends on the courier capability. Our courier partners; Pgeon, GDex, ABX Express, Pos Laju for West Malaysia; Pos Malaysia (Air) for East Malaysia. 

What is the delivery charges?
West Malaysia - FREE for standard shipping. Additional RM5 for express shipping every box ordered.
East Malaysia - RM10 per box

Do you have international shipping? 
We deliver within Malaysia at the moment. For international countries, additional shipping fees will be calculated upon request. 


What are the payment options?

  • Credit card (via PayPal) - Master, Visa and Amex (No PayPal account required) 
  • Online Transfer (via Ipay88) - Both local and international banks applied
  • Manual Bank Transfer - MAYBANK; Account No: 5622 7262 0976 (Pottycats Enterprise)

*All bank deposit/online transfer payment has to be remitted with proof of receipt sent to pottycats@gmail.com OR Whatsapp 012-377 0268 for order processing