See below for the most commonly asked questions. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at hello@pottycats.com

How many packs do I need?
Each pack of Pottycats litter is designed to last one month for one cat in a medium size litter box with a required minimum depth of 2" for one cat family.  If you have multiple cats and multiple litter boxes, fill each tray. Eg: 2 litter boxes require 2 packs of Pottycats litter.  It is important to note, that in order to get a full month's use for multi-cat households with multiple litter boxes, the trays must be used evenly between your cats.  

Is Pottycats suitable for kittens?
Yes, totally! Pottycats are 100% made from soy; it's so safe even if it's digested and perfect for potty training too. Pottycats are also suitable for senior cats and under medical condition which usually cause more urination. In all, Pottycats is suitable for all ages. 

What are Pottycats made of?
Pottycats are 100% natural ingredients mainly premium soy, food gum, starch & water. 

What makes Pottycats different from other soy litter?
Our formulas are designed by cat owners for cat owners. We represent you and the result of years of taking care of cats. We're powered for indoors to combat odor effectively without adding any artificial fragrance, with higher clumping strength and less breakage for a smooth scoop -- all without the nastiness. 

Will I still need to scoop?
With Pottycats litter, the solids should be scooped daily and disposed by flushing your toilet to combat odor effectively. This method not only help to get rid of odor, but bacteria infestation which may harm your cats. However, the bulk waste can be composted, spread thinly throughout your garden or thrown in the garbage bin. *Do not flush any unused large amount of litter.*

Why Pottycats flushable?
Pottycats litter is made from 100% soy and dissolves instantly. There is also no harmful clumping agents or clay in our litter that would build up or clog plumbing. 

Does Pottycats litter have a shelf life?
Yes as it's made from human-food grade ingredients, it can stay fresh sealed up to 1 year. Store in a dry and cool place.  

What size or type of litter box suitable for Pottycats litter?

A medium or "average" size litter box that measures 15" long and 11" wide.  If you use a larger litter box or caters to seniority/under medical care cats which may urinates more, you may want to consider buying an extra box in order to have extra litter coverage. If you're using litter box with sifted, it's recommended to use without it as Pottycats litter comes in mini pellet size and it's so easy to clean! Pottycats litter is also suitable for automatic litter box such as Litter Robot. 

My Pottycats litter has a slight smell, is that normal?
Don't worry, it's perfectly fresh! Pottycats is made out from 100% soy and non scented, so it's normal to have some soy aroma once you open a new pack.

Where should I put the litter box in a house?
A quiet location that is easy to access for both you and your cat, preferably near to the toilet to ease the cleaning. Perfect for those who stays in the apartment. Also, it's highly recommended to have one litter box for each cat.

Shipping Information

Our goal is to provide the very highest level of convenience to you. Do bear in mind our product is considerably heavy, weighing at 2.5kg per pack but we do absorb the partial cost for your shipping; West Malaysia with free shipping for orders above RM100 and getting the best rate for East Malaysia and Singapore.

How long does it take to deliver Pottycats litter after placing my order?
If you placed your order between Monday-Friday, processing (order verification, quality check, packaging, dispatch) will take a day and should ship out from our warehouse the next business day. All orders placed Friday after 5PM, over the weekend will be processed and ship on the following week. 

Standard Shipping

West Malaysia: 3-5 business days 

East Malaysia: 14 business days

Singapore: 5-7 business days

Next Day Delivery 
Klang Valley: Mon-Fri (PM)

*Processing and deliveries do not take place on the weekends and public holidays. 

**We feel your excitement but shipping times may take longer from time to time depends on the pandemic situation. We partner with Ninjavan for West Malaysia, East Malaysia and Singapore deliveries. 

What are the delivery charges?
West Malaysia - RM5 per order (Free shipping for orders above RM100)
East Malaysia - RM30 per box

Next Day Delivery - RM30 per order (Klang Valley) 

Singapore - Auto calculate during checkout

Do you have international shipping? 
Yes, we deliver to Singapore at the moment. For other international countries, additional shipping fees will be calculated upon request. 


What are the payment options?

  • Credit/Debit card (via Ipay88) - Master and Visa
  • Online Banking (via Ipay88) - Both local and international banks applied

Pottycats Club (Monthly Auto-Delivery Subscription)

How do I join Pottycats Club?
Go to Subscription under Shop on our main menu. Continue and click 'JOIN THE CLUB' to navigate to the next page and fill up the subscription form with your billing details. Next, you will receive an email from us to customize your subscription within the next 24 hours.

Please Note: Pottycats Club is currently applicable to subscribers located in the West Malaysia addresses only.

How long is the approval process?
Approval from your issuing bank will take from 1-3 working days. We'll only ship out your first subscription upon approval from your payment date. Standard delivery takes around 3-5 working days. 

What do I get with my Pottycats Club subscription? 
You will enjoy lifetime free delivery, monthly auto-delivery cat litter, free 1 pack for every 10 packs of order and a selection of Pottycats gift on your birthday month. 

When is my credit/debit card charged? 
You will be charged according to your subscription payment date submitted. 

When is my credit/debit card charges failed? 
You will be notified and asked to update your credit/debit card to ensure sufficient fund is covered for the payment with the reattempt process. If payment failed for the third time reattempt, we will pause your subscription immediately. Delivery to resume once payment is cleared and Pottycats reserved the rights to collect any due or owed payment in accordance to Pottycats Enterprise Terms and Bank Terms.

Can I change my Pottycats Club subscription packages?
Yes, you can request to modify your packages and the effective change will take place on your next month delivery.  

How do I cancel my Pottycats Club subscription?
You can reach out to us via email at hello@pottycats.com at least one month prior to your next delivery. No cancellation fees and you are welcome to resume anytime in the future. However, we do not accept any refund once your order is shipped out before any cancellation confirmation takes place. 

How to resume my Pottycats Club subscription after cancellation?
You can reach out to us via email at hello@pottycats.com and we will review or reject all subscription application based on subscribers billing health records. 

How do I know my future deliveries?
You will receive order confirmation email and shipping notification before your next order arrives.

When do I receive my FREE pack?
You will receive your free pack after every 10th packs order and it will be delivered automatically within the same month. Eg: If you order Solo Pack (1 pack) package with monthly delivery schedule, you will receive your free box on the 10th month. And if you order Family Pack (4 packs) package, you will receive your free pack on the 3rd month.

What is my birthday month free gift? 
All subscribers who joined for more than 6 months will be gifted with a selection of Pottycats items. Variation of gifts may differ and subject to availability. 

What are my shipping options?
All Pottycats Club orders are given with lifetime free shipping with no minimum order. (Applicable to West Malaysia only)* 

Pottycats Treats (Points Reward Program)

How to join?
It's free to join! Just create an account to start earning Treats instantly.

How to earn Treats?

  1. Create an account - 600 Treats
  2. Place an order - 5 Treats for RM1 spent (Solo pack RM35 is equivalent to 175 Treats)
  3. Follow us on Social - 50 Treats each for Facebook and Instagram

How to redeem using Treats?
Log into your account by clicking Treats icon on the bottom left to see your total earn Treats and rewards. From there you can view your discount codes up to RM70. Use the code generated for your instant order! 

Can I combine my Treats with previous orders?
Unfortunately, not as we launched our reward program on 8th May 2020. But you will receive 600 Treats instantly after you create an account. 

Can I combine my Treats with existing discount codes?
No. You can only use 1 code at one time. 

Will my Treats expire?
Yes. You have to use your treats within 1 year otherwise it will be forfeited and shall not be exchanged in any form of monetary value or cash. 

Can I transfer my Treats?
No. All Treats are not eligible for any transfers. 

How to refer a friend?
Log into your Treats account (click the Treats icon on the bottom left) and a unique referral link will be generated for you to share with your friend. Please note each of your referrals will be entitled RM10 discount by ordering using your referral link. 

Can I use the same referral link each time?
Yes. Your referral link is dedicated only to you and can be used multiple times.

What do I get when I refer a friend?
You will get RM10 discount code into your account for each friend who orders using your referral link. 

Any other questions? You may reach out to us via our live chat or emailing us at hello@pottycats.com