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Been using this litter for 1 year already. Trusted brand with charcoal. Nice product good absorbing the cat litter. Recommended to all

Potty cats litter are the best, no smell, easy to dispose and my kittens like them

Ordered for the second time

Pottycats Natural Cat Litter - Original
Abdul Halim Hafez Abdul Rahman
The best

The best cat litter. My cat love it

My cat Loves it!

Ordered these for the 6th time and I must say, this litter always does its job!

Easy & clean

Easy to scoop; no poo / pee odor

best tofu litter for ammonia smell absorption. Tried othet tofu litters in the market and the smell absorption isnt great, this is one is amazing though!

No more sand being tracked!

I love the tofu litter! I was afraid that my little ones won't take to it but they went in there immediately. Between my asthma and one of the cat's sneezing and coughing, not having sand dust around anymore is very good. I don't have to vacuum everyday anymore and the best part is no sand in my bed anymore!

Barang diterima dalam keadaan baik, quality pun ok..satu pack bole muat bekas besar..excellent!

Basically able to absorb the smell little bit better than tofu litter from other brand. Worth the money spent.

Very good product

very good product

Works like a charm

Used to be worried about our little buddy with his old litter sand. But after changing, feel care free now. Here's to great cat days ahead.


Love it. It’s less messy & smelly than the previous litter I used


The best quality litter ive tried

Very very fast delivery. I just ordered it yesterday and I already get it today!! Good job seller. I really like this litter and cat likes it to

litter box high kualiti, recommended.

Great clumping

It clumps very well, reduces waste. A box of PottyCats is definitely enough for 1 cat a month.

Clean and easy

My fussy boy don’t make a fuss 👍🏼

Received items in good conditions…i’ve been using this pottycats litter since 2020 now purchase for my little fur baby…very recommended since it easy to maintain and my house now free from stinky…

Excellent product . Huge high quality stainless steels. Thank You seller for your neatly. The box 📦 ready with the stopper every corner to avoided the item from damaged. Thank You for your very kind gesture. My Cats love it !!

Best Car litter ever

Ive been using this for a few months now and im in love with it! My cats loves it too thats fir sure!!!

Good product n service

Fast n reliable

Surprisingly good

I’m surprised that my cat transitioned to these pellets really fast. I am happy to give my cat a safer and healthier option of cat “sand” for his long term health.

Cat litter - Charcoal

I was sceptical but am happy to say that I was proven wrong. The odor is reduced tremendously. Very easy to clean and contained. I have 2 cats and 4 kittens.

Pottycats Natural Cat Litter - Charcoal

Can't live without this miracle cat litter