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High odour absorbent and very good clumping. Easy to clean. Very happy with the quality and will continue using this product. Highly recommended to all pet owners. Make life easy

Cat love the litter

My maine coon love using the tofu litter. It absorb the smell of the waste.

Always buy the cat litter from this shop and as expected, the quality is good.

Good quality, yg penting kurang bau bila my cats poopoo/pee2 dgn menggunakan tofu cat litter ni. Flushable.

Best Tofu Litter

One of the best tofu litter, truly dust free & eliminates all the bad odours. Well-clumped & my 2 furry kids love it.

Exactly What I was Looking For

Dimensions are just nice for the space allocated. Sturdy, deep, and easy to clean. It's exactly what I was looking for. Keep up the good work POTTYCATS!

Potty cat

Good quality and my cats love it

Terbaik setakat ini!

Saya telah menggunakan PottyCats sejak kali pertama saya membela kucing pada PKP pada Mac 2021. Saya dah cuba semuanya - Original, Charcoal , Mix, Poopy Mix, PottyAid. Semuanya mempunyai keistimewaan dan kelebihan tersendiri tetapi Pine formula paling lengkap setakat ini. Tahniah!

Loved it

Easy to clean, no smell

Good quality

Convenient to sieve thru

Superior to PottyAid IMHO

I've been using PottyAid for a while now but due to lack of availability, switched over to the pine version and to my surprise found it to be much better in terms of absorption of smell and pee, less tack than tofu and much easier to flush. Unfortunately the pine is not available on subscription yet so a bit of a bummer.


Absolutely no smell unlike with other kitty litter. Worth the price!

Awesome litter!

I used the training litter on my newly adopted kitten and she took to it immediately. But i recently changed to pine because the one i usually buy was out of stock. I really love it for her. It clumps very well and it masks odor incredibly well. I dont think I can switch to a different litter. Definitely worth subscribing for. And my kitty loves the pottycats box.

Tak berhabuk dan yang penting Majikan oke dengan perubahan pasir

jumbo cat litter box

big enough for all my 4 cats sharing together one litter box.. bibik must scoop everyday too.... hahahaaaa....


Convenient to scoop

Starter Kit
Coco Mae
Cats love it.

Love that it clumps easily. Personally prefer the charcoal most.

JUMBO Cat Litter Box

Good quality, big size, cat love it!
Highly recommended.

BEST Tofu Litter I've Used

Hands down the best tofu litter i've used so far!! My cats love it too!

Love the size,big ,can fit two cats,easy to scoop

Starter Kit

The stainless steel pottybox and pottyscoop are a game changer. Pricey but a good investment.

Good 👍🏻 Cats happy 😍

Repeat order. That’s enough to show how good it is.

I was using pine (other brands) and couldn't find one that clumped well until I tried Pottycats pine! It's amazing how well 100% pine can do that. Furthermore, the natural woody smell contains a lot of odour! My cat and I are happy to try this out!