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Love jt

Love it

Tried other litters, but the one that works best for us is Pottycats so I went ham with the stock up.

Great services

Baru pertama kali nak cuba pakai tofu jenama ni. Menurut kawan, xda bau. Harga pun agak kayangan

Fabulous Cat Litter

No smell at all. And my colleague wants to buy too!

As usual quite fast delivery. My cats like to use and i love managing the litter, quite lightweight but not flying away, less dust, disposable and the clumping is great.

Very good product. High quality. Iove this product true as advertised.

In the end i think pottycats is the better if not the best tofu litter ..... tried another cheaper brand & unfortunate the tofu didnt clump well when the kitties pee.....

Clump well. Does it job. Work well with petkit pura x.

My cat never complain

It is really really good in odour control. I went back hometown and left six cats with two litter boxes(1 new pack in each) and after 30 hrs i am pleasantly surprised there is no smell at all on my living room.

Good odour control

Less stinky than previous brands. My cat loves it and potty’s regularly which means I need to clear it often. Love that is flushes well in the toilet.

Recurring order. Safe tofu litter. Less mess and dust.

Great qualitty litter box ! Very recommended

Big and hardy, unlike the plastic ones which can break if the litter is stuck.

Pottycats Natural Cat Litter - Original

Satisfied & will repeat again


Good quality product

Very good and affordable

No bad ammonia smell. Worth it

Great product without artificial fragrances yet have good odour control! Love the ease of amending subscription as needed too!

Good product

Good product

My cats have been using this litter for several years now. It is able to absorb unpleasant odour well.

Pottycats Training Cat Litter - PottyAid

True as advertised!

Love how it absorbs the odour! Will definitely continue ordering :)