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Cindy & Catipopis lebih kurang sama. Good clumping, good odour control, low tracking. Cuma Catipopis extra point packaging dia resealable. Harga lebih kurang sama. Dua-dua pun akan cepat berdebu bila dah guna for few weeks & bahagian yang dah kena pee tapi terlepas dari scoop tu, akan jadi lembab dan kurang ability to clump.

Brand korea kat shopee pulak sama je macam Cindy & Catipopis, tapi harga murah sikit.

Real litter (crush) lebih kurang sama juga dengan 3 kat atas. Cuma pros sebab crushed tu jadi clumping better. Kurang berdebu tapi macam yang lain, bahagian yang dah kena pee akan jadi lembab dan kurang berkesan dah untuk guna.

Pottycats strips dia lebih nipis dari tofu lain kat atas ni. Strong clumping, good odour control, low tracking. Guna berminggu pun tofu maintain kering. Bila dah guna lama akan ada debu sikit tapi for some reasons debu tu tak terbang ke atas bila kita scoop. Dia stay kat bottom of the tray then nanti akan clump balik dengan tofu yang still kering. Also they claim that the ingredient that they use for clumping is safer than other tofu (I forgot what's the ingredient). So far aside from harga dia yang boleh buat tuan kucen miskin, performance wise memang puas hati, especially kalau ada banyak kucing kat rumah dan semua jenis penggeli bila tofu tu dah lembab-lembab sikit.

Haha panjang ya review tapi harap membantu!

thank you for create a great product !!! tukar brand lain pun tak ngam….

The box is more solid than it looks. The included popper-scooper is METAL, most importantly big and scoops more. Such a time saver when you have three kitties to deal with.

let's set something straight...all the reviews are true. it has great odor control and it holds good for at least 2 weeks. less tracking, almost zero dust and acceptable clumping (in my opinion quite standard). the best part is still the odor control. the only downside in my opinion is I don't think it can last a month. best is 2-3 weeks (my cat is 1 year old). I'm now on subscription cos this is still one of the best cat litter i've found.

Great potty box!

Got 2 jumbo sized potty boxes and am very very happy with the purchase. My cats are also happy and so far there has been no 💩 accidentally thrown out by over enthusiastic digging. Although there is still some spill of litter, there is far less which means less clearing up.

You can never go back to other litters

I’ve been using this litter for a year now and have religiously subscribe to it every month. Although it’s pricier, but it’s the best in the market so far and my cat loves it. Good with odour and cleaning. Also great service from the team.

The only cat litter I buy

Bought it once and never thought of changing other brands

It's a must have for cat owners

The litter is very hygienic and perfect for cat owners because it clumps nicely and doesn't fall into smaller pieces

Very easy to handle after the cats done their business as it clumps

Fast service. Well packed. Quality good as always. Thank you.


Very good

I bought this products many times bcoz its soooo gooddd

Suitable size

I purchased 2 litter boxes to replace my old ones as i have a 3rd cat now. The size is spacious hence much less messier. Easy to wipe as well. Highly recommended.

Pottycats Natural Cat Litter - Original

Highly recommended. will order next time.


Third time buying, never frustrate.

Really big and suitable for my 2 cats. Worth it.

My cats able to transition nicely. Will be using normal tofu litter soon.

Best cat litter

I’ve been using this litter for two years and for me it is the best cat litter for odor control and dust-free.

Love it!

Love how this clumps nicely and also doesnt smell.

the best litter tofu

I've been using this for 4 months and It works every time. Less poop odour and clump very well. Will stick to this brand forever.

Pottycats Litter

Been using this litter more than 1 year.. The best litter for my cat.. Tried other brands but my cat didn’t like it.. So will stick to this 🥰

My cats love this Pottycats tofu litter so much! Been using the same brand since last year. Thank you seller! Will buy again next time ❤


My baby love it. Plus odourless and clump very well

Fine litter suitable for Litter Robot. Flushable too.