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Great litter as always!

Returning customer for sure

Potty Box Jumbo

Excellent and the best ever I have get for my cats to do their “business”.
the height of the box is a bit on an issue for my rescue cat, she is a parvo survivor and her legs are not stable, so initially she struggled to go in, but being her, a strong little lady that nothing stop her, she have managed to learn how to enter in and out.
love this product

My cats love these litter box. It would be more lovely if they have smaller size? Not heavy at all.


It doesnt smell at all

I thought kecil tapi besarrrrr and sturdy! Worth the price.

Pottycats Natural Cat Litter - Mix
Rina Zuhaira Zainol Haris
Cat Litter

My cat loves it

Happy cat

My new favourite cat litter and I'll be using this foreverrrrr

Mmg pilihan dr.dlu...rumah tak berbau..bersih dan terbaik...highly recommended

Goodddd 👍👍

So big! Puas hati

Very happy with this charcoal version will continue to use this instead of the original one.

Good quality. Absorb smell fast. But cat needs some time before they use this litter.

Safely arrived in a box without dented. At last they invented the side lid for this type of litter. No more messy at the side of the bin. What a Relieved. Thank you for fast service

Been using this product for quite sometimes. Easy to handle the poop n less smell

Packed with care, arrive safely without any damage and oh my it was fast. I have 4 adult cats i hope this size is enough for them. Will see if there is a need to buy the side lid later on.


This is our favorite, out of all the types of the Pottycats litter!

Easy order and delivery

Very easy to order and quick and reliable delivery

Solved smelly issue

We have 10 cats, originally 4 but rescued a mother cat with babies last year so 10 it is. All mostly indoors and also we always have people coming over so need to find a solution for the smell. Used to use crystal litter then pinewood litter but then I saw @yemmeow from twitter using this and I give it a try and it works. Jumbo pack is enough for one month supply for 10 cats.

size memang besar. senang nk cuci. nasib baik masih muat dalam sangkar kucing. senang nk scoop tofu. tk melekat dekat litter box. recommend

Great for my asthmatic furbaby.

Great product..thump up!

Jumbo potty scoop

This is by far the best scoop that I have used. It easily scoops up the poop and urine clumps, the serrated edge scrapes off the stuck on bits you occasionally get when cats do their business too close to the sides of the litter tray. The closed up sides of the scoop is great for catching small clumps of litter that some times forms - when you use a wire scoop these small clumps often get left behind as they fall through the scoop. Like it so much I got another one for my daughter’s cats!

Sangat tinggi dan besar. Kucing boleh membuang dengan tenang. Selalu kena bersihkan 2x sehari tapi bersihkan sekali sehari pun, ok. Pasir kena letak lebih banyak dari biasa sebab area agak besar.

Big enough for 6kg cat to use comfortably and the high walls keep litter from flying out. Could use a slightly lowered entrance as the cats seemed a bit hesitant to jump in. had to place a flat wooden box in front of it as a step to encourage them to go in. Much easier to clean than a plastic litterbox