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Great Product

The products lived up to all that were promised. Especially no smelly litter anymore

Happy Cats, Relieved Owner

Loved the use of Potty Cats litter. No more smelly litter. No problem with getting my cats to use it. Have decided to put in a monthly subscription for it so that I don't worry about running out.

Exactly as advertised

Less mess, less smell and long lasting. Recommended to clean your cat's litter every day but if you're the type who is always away, be sure that the litter can control odor up to 3 days! Highly recommend it.


Have been using their litter for close to 6 months now and this is by far the best litter. No clumps! No dust! No smell!


Love this Jumbo litter box for my two big cats ❤ it's spacious enough for them and I can see they prefer this more than their old litter box which was smaller. Good quality stainless steel and heavy

No smell of cat poo

Good quality of tofu litter sand, no dust. And keeps the bad odor very minimal, last long. Packaging is very nice as usual.

Wuuuu..toilet baru untuk anak2 bulus saye bukan biashe2..harapnye x berbau sgt la seperti yg dikatekan bile anak2 sye membuang dalam toilet baru ni..packaging pon terbaik..saye puas hati, mesti anak2 saye pon puas hati.

Trio Adventure Pack
Nor Edzan Che Nasir
Nothing else but Pottycats

We have been using this for quite sometime and we are more than satisfied. Will continue using them.

Good product

A good product. It covers the smell and dust free.


Really satisfied with this product

Never failed me

I have been buying Pottycats litter for when my daughter had one cat. Now her daughter has added on 2 more cats and the litter is a life saver. clean and odiurless and esay to dispose off. Will continue buying.

Clean and easy to use.

Use for around 1 year, easy to use and it is convenient, which is allow to flush from toilet bowl.

Used more than a year

Tried many others..still the best

huge! worth the money. good quality stainless steel. great packaging making sure ends of box protected

very satisfied

I'm 1st time user..very satisfied. no odours & long lasting

2nd time buying this product frm the same seller. Fast delivery, great product quality. Tak buang litter for a week pun tak berbau busuk satu rumah

Starter Kit
Favourite litter!

Love how that it clumps nicely but doesn’t have all the dust. Controls odour better than I expected, and definitely less tracking than using clay litter.

Starter Kit
Shafina Akbar
Best investment for my Cats…

I love the starter pack combo.
No more unpleasant smell lingering and easier to manage the litter!

Good quality of cat litter box. Big and high quality. Recomended. soon will add one more.

Bought this before. And I'm addicted to it. High quality tofu litter. Ur house will be clean, no more small2 litter on the carpet. Smells good. Tahan lama. 1 box 1 litter. Tq!

Cat litter

Very good
Less odour than before

Healthy for my stray cat

Starter Kit
Elaine Kok

nice quality

The best litter I have purchased

Fall in love, gumpal elok. Pakai half pack for 10 day for 2 cat,then top up lain.

First Time Using this..

Superb item as cat litter. No more smells.