Pottycats Natural Cat Litter - Mix

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Meet the best cat litter loved by people and cats.

  • Natural and food-based cat litter (No chemicals, clay, silica or scent added - safe if digested)
  • Easy to dissolve and flushable
  • >600% absorption and clumping
  • Light and soft pellets (No more hurting paws)
  • Perfect for indoor (smell like home and not pet shop!)


    • Original - Suitable for first time users, potty training and single household cat
    • Charcoal - Suitable for multiple household cats with stronger odor absorption, removes toxin and traps bacteria
    *Mix comes in separate variant box. You are required to mix Original & Charcoal to get the result

      Size: 5L; 2.3KG

      Usage: 1 box = 1 cat = 1 month

      Ingredients: Soy(tofu), activated charcoal, food gum, starch and water 

      Postage Fees:

      - West Malaysia - FREE or additional RM5 per box for express delivery

      - East Malaysia - RM10 per box 

      Delivery Times:

      - Processing: 1 Day

      - West Malaysia - FREE within 7 days; Express within 3 days

      - East Malaysia - Within 14 days

      *Processing and delivery not applicable on weekends or public holidays