stainless steel cat litter box with side lid
stainless steel cat litter box with side lid
side lid for stainless steel cat litter box
stainless steel cat litter box with side lid
PottyBox stainless steel cat litter box
PottyBox stainless steel cat litter box
PottyBox stainless steel cat litter box
PottyBox stainless steel cat litter box
PottyBox stainless steel cat litter box
Pottybox stainless steel large cat litter box
PottyBox stainless steel cat litter box
PottyBox - JUMBO Stainless Steel Cat Litter Box

PottyBox - JUMBO Stainless Steel Cat Litter Box

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Let us say hello to PottyBox - a stainless steel cat litter box that speaks louder than its size and provides the most convenient way to care for your cat's business.


Instead of plastic, it's made of food-grade stainless steel to prevent germs build-up from digging and scratches, which are the main causes of a stinky home. Say goodbye to stinky plastic litter boxes and hello to a cleaner home. 


Super easy access with plenty of room for your cats to do their business, especially if they share. Works well as a hideaway litter box in your furniture. There will be no scary flaps or feeling cramped under the hood and accidents outside the litter box will be a thing of the past. 


With its nonstick and seamless surface, daily scooping is as smooth as butter, and its high walls to reduce tracking clean up. A simple, easy-to-clean box with no more bottom scraping.


Go easy on the environment by using a long-lasting, durable cat litter box that does not need to be replaced for a long time. No liners necessary.


Keep your floors mess-free with the detachable custom side-lid (optional) by containing litter scatter and preventing escapees during kitty's digging adventures. This accessory is made just for PottyBox.

Material: Premium stainless steel with (4pcs) rubber foot pads; PET side-lid. 

Suitable for: Cats over 6 months old, large-sized cats and cats who share (Not recommended for young kittens due to the high walls).

Size Dimensions: 60cm (Length) x 40cm (Width) x 20cm (Height) with optional custom side-lid 15cm (Height).  

Weight: 2.1kg 

How To Use & Care:

  1. Fill the PottyBox with the entire pack of Pottycats litter. Due to the large size, we recommend filling 1 and 1/2 packs.
  2. To dispose, scoop and flush daily.
  3. Wash it with soapy water and a soft sponge once a month. Wipe down to dry.

Good to know: For optimal performance, use only with Pottycats litter. Uneven metal grain finishes are to be expected and are safe to use because the PottyBox is 100% stainless steel. Do not bleach or use steel brushes or sponges as this will result in scratches. It's normal that liquid may cause spotting and staining on stainless steel surfaces; simply dry with a towel or gently rub with baking soda to remove it. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 144 reviews
Yasmin Othman

My cats love it!! Besar gedabak ye..

Chiew Seng jie

Item received and well package. Excellent 👌. Its big and spacious for my cat to go potty. Highly recommend.

Bella Qashashi

Seller packed it well with bubble wrap & everything. Not a single scratch. Not sure how it helps with the smell but let’s hope it helps 🤭

Jazreel Lim
Jumbo steel box lid

It's better with the lid. Less messy

If I were a Cat!

Firstly- the packaging- Omg! So well packaged in the box with those "hooks" to keep the items in place! Excellent!

Then the quality of the steel litterbox and the lid are so well made.

I have two cats. One is a sweet, lady-like senior cat who is so prim and proper when using the box.
The other cat, well, you can imagine- the total opposite- the CAT excavator, that would be her! Digs, and digs and digs....

After trying out a few "jumbo" litter boxes, and i was still cleaning up litter every day- i just gave up. Until i saw that Potty Cats had their litter box with lid. The new box has made her and me the happiest! She can dig and bury all the "gold" she wants, without messing up the area with litter pellets. I'm happy, she's happy- we're all one very happy family now! :P

The price of the box and lid are definitely on the heavier side. But I can say, it's worth it!

Thank you, Potty Cats!

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