Our Story

"Most cat parents are unaware of the dangers of conventional cat litter, which makes our cats sick. We created Pottycats so you can protect your cat's health!"

As first-time cat parents, we tried many cat litters but couldn't find one we liked. We switched from clay to silica litter without knowing the risks.

Meet Mr.Miyagi

Mr. Miyagi, our golden child, found his forever home with us, and he occasionally gets the flu bug, which the vet says is normal. One day, he started sneezing violently and having trouble breathing. We rushed him to the vet, where he underwent a battery of tests and injections. He was admitted and put on an IV drip for a week. It was heartbreaking to see him in pain.

Mr.Miyagi hospitalized due to toxic of clay sand and silica crystal based cat litter
THE VERDICT: Clay dust ingestion has caused him respiratory problems over the years. 

Finding The Truth

How clay sand clumping litter is made from sodium bentonite

"Clay and silica litters are non-biodegradable and will remain in landfills indefinitely. Consider what happens when it enters your cats' bodies."

We looked for an alternative to conventional cat litter due to its dangerous additives and effects on cats' health. We found natural wood pellets and paper litters, but they didn't help with odour and made cleanup a chore.

FINDINGS 1: The key ingredient in clay clumping litter, Sodium Bentonite is a strong chemical sealant that is widely used in building development. 

FINDINGS 2: Crystal cat litters; Sodium Silicate are mined like clay litters, using strip mining. They contain poisonous cobalt(II) chloride and cause Silicosis in cats. 

The Discovery

Best natural cat litter in Malaysia | Pottycats
We worked with feline experts to create a natural cat litter that we loved. Friends and family cats tried the litters and loved them as well. We knew we had to share our litter's goodness with YOU!

Our Cats' Health Begins With Us

We're on a mission to protect your cat's health by providing high-quality potty care products that are safe and effective for cats, humans, and the environment. We care about your cat's business. 

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