Our Story

We tried every kind of cat litter on the market, just like anyone else, but we couldn't find one that worked or that we both liked. We were switching our cat litter between clay clumping sand and silica crystal litter with little to no awareness of the risk, and we were deceived.

Meet Mr.Miyagi @ Anak. 

Mr.Miyagi hospitalized due to toxic of clay sand and silica crystal based cat litter
Our cat began to sneeze vigorously and to have a hard time breathing. We took him to the vets and had to undergo multiple painful clinical tests and jabs. As a cat parent, nothing hurts like watching your cat suffer.
The verdict: Ingestion of clay and silica-based litter dust over the years has led to respiratory problems.  He was hospitalized and under IV for days!

Finding The Truth.

How clay sand clumping litter is made from sodium bentonite

We began looking for an alternative cat litter when we discovered all of the dangerous additives and the effects they have on our cats' bodies and the environment. 

😱 The key ingredient in clay clumping litter, Sodium Bentonite is a strong chemical sealant that is widely used in building development. 

😲 Crystal cat litters are mined in the same way as clay litters are: by strip mining Sodium Silicate sand, which can contain poisonous carcinogenic cobalt(II) chloride added as a moisture indicator. It may also lead to your cat developing Silicosis; a form of lung disease caused by inhalation of crystalline silica dust. 

This left us with natural pine wood pellets and recycled paper litters, but they don't help with the odour, making waste cleanup more of a regular chore.

💡 Did you know the clay and silica-based litters are not biodegradable and sits in landfills for an eternity? Consider what happens when it enters your cat's digestive system.

Led To The Discovery.

Best natural cat litter in Malaysia | Pottycats
As a result, we decided to collaborate with feline experts (who are also cat parents) to create the most beneficial natural cat litter possible, made entirely of plant-based ingredients that are not only good for our cats but also serve as a relief from the stresses of cat ownership. 

The health of our cats begins with us.

We are now a Malaysian feline specialist brand, and our mission is to protect your cat's health by providing high quality potty care products that are both effective and sustainable. We care about how your cats do their business.

Save your kitten or cat's life by using natural best cat litter Pottycats Malaysia
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