Do Cats Shed Because it's Hot?

Do Cats Shed Because it's Hot?

Cats, those enigmatic and graceful creatures, possess a beauty that often comes with a furry price tag—shedding. Shedding is a natural process for cats, regardless of the climate they reside in. Even in tropical countries like our country; Malaysia where the weather is consistently warm and humid, cats still shed their fur. Let's delve into the reasons behind this seemingly constant shedding phenomenon.

1. Adaptation and Natural Cycles

Cats, no matter their environment, undergo natural shedding cycles influenced by various factors such as daylight, temperature, and hormone changes. These cycles ensure their fur remains healthy and adapted to seasonal changes, despite Malaysia's consistent tropical climate.

2. Temperature Regulation

Contrary to the assumption that cats shed to cool down in warmer climates, shedding primarily helps regulate body temperature in response to seasonal changes rather than immediate environmental temperature. Cats have a dense undercoat which they shed to adapt to temperature fluctuations, ensuring they remain comfortable year-round.

3. Photoperiodism

Photoperiodism, the body's response to changes in daylight duration, triggers shedding in many animals, including cats. Regardless of a tropical climate's consistent daylight, cats' shedding cycles can still be influenced by subtle changes in daylight length throughout the year.

4. Indoor Lifestyle

Even indoor cats in tropical countries like Malaysia shed due to artificial lighting, heating, and cooling systems that can disrupt their natural shedding cycles. These environmental factors can confuse a cat's body, leading to year-round shedding instead of seasonal shedding patterns.

5. Health and Nutrition

The health and nutritional status of a cat significantly impact its fur quality and shedding. Inadequate nutrition, stress, or underlying health issues might exacerbate shedding problems, making it more noticeable even in a tropical climate.

6. Breed Variations

Different cat breeds shed differently. Some breeds shed less due to their coat types, while others, like Persians or Maine Coons, shed more profusely regardless of the climate due to their longer and thicker fur.

7. Grooming Habits

Regular grooming is essential to manage shedding in cats. Brushing removes loose fur, preventing excessive shedding and hairballs. However, even with proper grooming, shedding remains a natural process that cannot be entirely eliminated.


Cats shedding in tropical climates like Malaysia might seem surprising, given the consistent warmth and humidity. However, shedding in cats is a normal, natural process influenced by various factors beyond just environmental temperature. From adaptation to photoperiodism and breed variations, shedding is a vital part of a cat's life, ensuring their fur remains healthy and well-regulated throughout the year.

So, the next time you find your feline friend leaving behind a trail of fur, remember—it's their way of staying comfortable and maintaining their natural beauty, regardless of the tropical paradise they call home.

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