How much to spend on your cat?

"I work hard so my cat can have a better life." - Unknown. 

Cats are best known for their independence, aloofness, and low-maintenance attitude. They bring in plenty of love to your household. 

Sure, they're not ridiculously expensive pets either, but you still have to adjust your household budget if you want to have a cat around. 

When bringing a new kitty into your home, you must consider one-time costs such as adoption fees, litter box, and initial medical care. After this, the monthly costs should be more manageable.

Here is the closest average breakdown if you still want to know how much you actually spend on your cat.

#1. Ownership Budget

You will have to make an important decision right away whether to buy a cat from a breeder or adopt one. Of course, purchasing one will be much more expensive than adopting one. Depending on the breed, the price ranges from RM500 to RM5000 per cat. While adoption is usually free of charge, the foster will incur a minimal cost of less than RM100.

#2. Food Budget

This is variable for every cat owner because what you feed your cat depends on your cat's age, health condition, and breed. Your cat may require a special meal, like a kibble formulated for urinary tract health, grain-free or sensitive skin and others.

The price also depends on whether you feed your cat dry food, wet food, or a combination. You will likely spend average RM40-RM80 on food for an adult cat monthly.  Add in about RM20 for some lickable or solid cat treats.

#3. Cat Litter Budget

One of the advantages of owning cats is they clean up after themselves, so all you need is an adequate supply of litter to manage their poop and urine. The litter box and the litter scoop are one-time expenses. The cat litter will be a monthly expense.

Litter comes in wide varieties that can impact the performance. It takes some trial and error to find the cat litter that both you and your cat like and works. Assuming that you are already loyal to a particular brand, a good cat litter will costs RM30-RM35 per pack.

This is why we offer a Cat Litter Subscription, an auto-delivery service that will help you save money and prevent you from running out of litter. With this service, you save on time, effort and shipping fees. 

#4. Cat Vitamins and Supplements Budget

Even if your cat is in perfect health, it is still advisable to supplement your cat's diet with some vitamins.

Vitamins can cost anywhere from RM10 to RM30 per month, depending on the brand and type of supplement. Talk to your vet about the best cat nutrition supplement to help boost your feline’s immune system and improve their overall health.

#5. Cat Insurance Budget

The average cost of cat insurance in Malaysia is RM25-RM45 per month. But certain factors can lower or increase this cost, like the number of your cats and special needs.

#6. Vet Visit Budget

This is one of the most significant expenses for a cat, as every vet visit entails specific costs. It can just be for a simple wellness check, vaccines, or a medical procedure.

An annual routine checkup, vaccination and deworming for a cat can cause you about RM70-RM100. So, it is best to set aside a budget ahead of time.

#7. Pet Sitter and Boarding Budget

The good news is that we are ready to travel again. This should include the cost of caring for your cats while you are away. If you prefer to board your cat in a pet hotel, it will typically cost RM30 per night for one cat. Some pet hotels offer premium rooms with air conditioning and more space, which start at RM50 per night. For those who prefer a pet sitter like PetBacker, which charges RM35 per visit to your home, with the option of double visits or overnight stays starting at RM55.

#8. Play Budget

Let us agree that we love our cats so much that we constantly spoil them with the latest toys on the market. Indoor cats, in addition to toys, require a special playground setup at home, such as a cat tree, scratchers, cat house, and cat walls, to keep them active. This would also include a quarterly cost of RM20-RM50.

#9. Grooming Budget

While most cats do not require regular grooming like dogs, some cat parents prefer to send their cats for grooming, especially if they are long-haired and require special services such as dematting, deflea treatment, fungal treatment, and hair trimming. Basic grooming typically costs RM30 to RM60 for special needs.


Expect to spend averagely RM150 to RM200 for each of your cat every month. 

We understand the responsibilities of cat parents because we are one, and we will do our best to provide the best for our cats despite the rise of costs. When you shop with us, you have the option of paying in instalments or paying next month. You can pay using Grab Pay Later or Atome on our website. SPay Later is an option for our Shopee store.

Rest assured that you will get your cat's loyalty and love for eternity, which is priceless.

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