Top 5 Cat-Friendly Human Foods

Top 5 Cat-Friendly Human Foods

Cats are strong-willed animals who know what they like and dislike. They are picky about their preferences, and that includes food.

Most of your cat's dietary needs should be sufficiently addressed by cat food. But indulging them with treats every once in a while, is also a great way to bond with them.

There are many feline-friendly treats that you can feed your cats that are healthy and safe for them that they would enjoy eating.

Sharing (Sometimes) is Caring

Spoiling your cat with some treats can be a fulfilling experience for you and your cats. Cats enjoy trying new flavors and textures and as long as the food is safe for them, why not indulge your pet with them?

Here are some of the snacks you can share with your cats:

1. Tuna

Tuna is a no-brainer. Just pop a can of tuna, and feed it to your cats because they’ll love it. Tuna is the ideal food to serve your cats because of its health benefits and taste and you don't have to take a lot of effort to prepare it.

You can also get creative, and instead of serving your cats tuna straight from the can, you can make some tuna cookies.

Always serve tuna in water or brine but avoid the flavored, unsalted and spicy kinds to ensure that it doesn’t upset your cats' stomach.

2. Bread

Another food that you can feed your cats is bread. Oh, they love sourdough too! It’s easy to feed your cats bread especially if you’re eating it for breakfast. While it may seem surprising, a lot of cats enjoy the taste and texture of it because of the yeast.

Bread mostly comprises carbohydrates, which are not required by felines. It has no significant nutritional value for them but it may considered as a treat to improve their appetite.

However, you must ensure that the bread you feed your cats is baked and plain without any toppings or spreads like peanut butter, marmalade or others. Raw bread dough is toxic for cats so always ensure that you feed it only baked and plain bread.

3. Yogurt

Dairy products are every cat's comfort food, and they love yogurt. If your cats are craving something dairy, then yogurt is the answer.

The good news is, yogurt has probiotics that can assist your cat's digestive system, especially if your feline is lactose intolerant. Yogurt is recommended for cats that have sensitive stomachs.

Plain yogurt is the ideal choice to feed your cats and it’s best to skip the kinds with fruits and artificial flavors.

4. Oatmeal

Another food that cats enjoy eating is plain oatmeal. They love the aroma of oatmeal, and its creaminess makes it more convenient for them to eat.

Apart from being a delicious treat, oatmeal is also a healthier option because it’s rich in Vitamin B that keeps your cat’s brain healthy and their coats shiny.

5. Poultry and Meat

Cats enjoy some beef, pork, chicken, and any other meat. They love their meat, and essentially, they need the protein that meat provides to keep their eyes healthy, heart strong, and to improve the functionality of their reproductive system.

You can feed them a piece or two as a treat but make sure that it is 100% cooked.

The meat should be cooked without any flavors, herbs, or seasoning. You should also avoid processed and deli meat like ham because although your cats would enjoy a slice, it has too much sodium content, which can be toxic for them.


Cat food will take care of most of your cat’s nutritional needs but you can feed them the food you’re eating provided that you’re aware of the foods they can and can’t eat. You can also bond with your cats by occasionally treating them to some of the foods that they love. Just remember that these human and cat-friendly foods should only be fed occasionally and in moderation.


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