Top 6 Trendy Plants That Are Safe for Cats

plants safe for cats

If you have a cat and want to start a home garden or keep some plants in the house, make sure to read our article to find out which plants are safe to have around cats. Moreover, studies have shown that having plants indoors had a positive impact on your emotional state during pandemic lockdown.

It’s possible to take care of a cuddly cat and grow lovely plants at home. You don’t need to choose just one. Unleash your green thumb and enjoy growing beautiful and healthy plants while taking care of your fur baby.

Most cat parents are hesitant to have plants at home because they are unsure which plants are safe for cats. It’s a valid concern because there are plants toxic to cats.

The good news is that many non toxic indoor plants can thrive together with your cat baby. Even if your cat nibbles on it, you don't need to worry.

Check out these cat friendly plants to find out which plants your pet can safely and harmoniously live with.

Calathea Prayer Plant

calathea prayer plant

Scientific name: Calathea orbifolia

Your cat will be curious about these small and brightly colored greens that make great accents to your home and office. The prayer plant is not too large for inside the house. These plants love humidity. They will thrive if placed beside your shower or tub.

Your feline pet will likely steer clear of any wet places or places that can make them wet so the bathroom area is a win-win for you, your cat, and the plant.

Rattlesnake Plant

rattlesnake plant

Scientific name: Calathea lancifolia

The rattlesnake plant is another member of the Calathea family. This plant has vibrant colors with richly textured leaves. With its crinkly leaves and colorful stripes, it can be a distinct addition to your growing collection of cat friendly indoor plants. What's best is that it requires very minimal maintenance, so you don't need to spend a lot of time tending to it.

One of the coolest things about this plant is leaf movement. Due to the shift in water pressure in the nodes at the leaves' base, the leaves lower and raise themselves between day and night. When the household is down for the night, so are the leaves!

Spider Plant

spider plant

Scientific name: Chlorophytum comosum

This ornamental houseplant is another great option for you and your cat. It thrives in low to medium light and will amazingly sprout baby spider plants that you can pluck off and propagate either in soil or water.

The needs of a spider plant are also simple. Just set it down somewhere and keep its soil a little moist. Water it once a week and you can let the soil dry a little more in between watering.

Areca Palm

Scientific name: Dypsis lutescens

areca palm

Considered an exotic, tropical plant, the areca palm is a beautiful option for when you want to add indoor plants without worrying about the safety of your cat. Your feline can safely coexist with this tropical native that grows anywhere from 6 to 8 feet tall. This palm loves indirect sunlight and high humidity. Be careful not to expose it to too much sun as its leaves will turn an unhealthy greenish-yellow.

Xerographica Air Plant

Xerographica air plant

Scientific name: Tillandsia xerographica

The Xerographica air plant is yet another great option. Most plants safe for cats are air plants. If you have other fur babies, air plants can be your safest choice. An air plant will safely stay out of your cat’s reach and look fantastic while doing it.

The Xerographica air plant doesn't need to be rooted. You can have several of these hanging from the ceiling inside your home.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Phalaenopsis orchid

Scientific name: Phalaenopsis amabilis

Many home gardeners would love to have orchids. Unfortunately, they are toxic to cats with the exception of the Phalaenopsis. This orchid is safe for your cats. The only thing you need to watch out for are the pesticide and fertilizer that are used in growing them.

The plant alone is harmless if you are not using any chemicals to support it. However, for utmost safety and your peace of mind, set your beautiful orchid some place out of reach so it can bloom uninterrupted.

Get your plant collection started today. Now you can enjoy your plants without worrying about your cat. It is very responsible of you to check on houseplants safe for cats, non toxic plants for cats, and plants poisonous to cats. Good job, cat parent!

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