Top 5 Cats Adoption Centers in Malaysia

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For pet lovers considering getting a new pet or adding a new cat to the brood, the first move usually is to get in touch with breeders or the local pet store. However a better or more humane alternative is to visit the cat shelter and opt for a pet adoption. 

If you want to adopt a pet, here are the top 5 pet adoption websites in Malaysia:

  1. Paws Animal Welfare Society –
  2. Furry Friends Farm -
  3. Second Chance Animal Shelter Malaysia -
  4. SPCA Selangor -
  5. Pets For Adoption - -


A black kitten looking out from a cage in adoption center

The harsh reality is that adoption is almost always considered the last option. A lot of cat lovers also go in for purebred cats little knowing that even though purebreds have predictable personalities and looks, they are also prone to more health issues as compared to mixed breed cats since there’s quite a bit of inbreeding in purebreds.

The most popular purebred cats and health risks

  • British Shorthair – 14 years and older are at high risk of polycystic kidney disease
  • Bengal – their average lifespan is 7 years due to many hereditary health issues
  • Maine Coon – 11 years lifespan due to hip dysplasia and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  • Siamese – 15 years but prone to various health problems
  • Munchkin - Painful osteoarthritis due to genetic mutation that results in their short legs

Whether your new kitty costs you RM3,000 or you bring home one of the kittens for adoption, once you post their pics on social media, they’ll still garner the same number of likes and hearts. That’s how cute and wonderful cats are and where you get them from doesn’t really matter.

What Does It Mean To ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’?

This campaign slogan encourages animal lovers to adopt animals from animal shelters or rescue homes rather than purchase from a pet shop or private breeders.

Benefits of Adopting a Cat

  1. You cannot even begin to understand just how many felines and canines, most rescue shelters foster. These are usually pets abandoned by their owners for whatever reason or those rescued from harsh and cruel conditions. Most of these rescue centers are stretched to their seams when it comes to both space and resources.
  2. When you adopt your new pet from a shelter it makes room for another furbaby to be rescued, accommodated, and treated. One of the challenges of a cat adoption center is funding, so when you adopt, you give another cat a better chance to survive and thrive.
  3. Aside from this, kittens for sale can cost a fortune, whereas, in rescue centers they’re more than happy to accommodate you for free cat adoption. The thousands of dollars that you would otherwise pay a breeder can be better spent on the immediate needs of your new pet cat - like food, cat litter, toys, and vitamins.
  4. Litter, for example, will be trial and error, so expect to allocate a slightly higher budget for it. You might try the traditional litter and switch to a more cat-friendly plant-based litter as you move forward with your new feline companion. 
  5. Another benefit you get from adopting a cat instead of opting for cats for sale is that you get to know their background and story, so you can tweak the care you provide depending on their needs.

How You Can Help

A girl luring to adopt a tabby cat from the street

Promote adopt, don’t shop when you hear of someone in your circle planning to get a feline friend. Spread awareness and empower yourself by looking into cat adoption. The best part of adopting a cat is the opportunity that's provided to you to save a life and make another’s life better!




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