10 Best Gifts for Cat Parent

10 best gifts for cat parent

If you are reading this, you're likely looking for the perfect gift for your cat-parent friends. Whether it’s for celebrating their cat’s birthday or welcoming a new one, then you came to the right place. Here are some practical gift ideas that a cat parent would surely appreciate.

#1. Cat Treats

When it comes to cat treats, no cat has ever been able to resist. Consider getting a variety pack of cat treats and snacks that includes dry treats in bite size and wet treats such as squeeze ups that come in a variety of flavours such as tuna, salmon, or chicken.

#2. Cat Scratcher

Every cat parent should have a scratching post for their pet. Cats use a scratching post not only to mark their territory but also to keep their claws in the best shape. If you plan to give this item, ensure that it’s at least 24 inches long because cats are fond of stretching.

#3. Cat Tree

Cat condos are multi-level cages or furniture where cats play and climb. There’s a wide array of affordable cat condos you can choose from. Some already have built-in scratchers and teasers.

#4. Cat House

While cats are wonderful companions, they also like time alone. This is why buying an indoor cat housing is a wonderful option – it provides a safe and quiet spot for your cat to unwind away from the rest of the house's bustle.

#5. Cave Bed

Whether for a senior cat or a younger one, a newly rescued cat would feel a lot of anxiety once brought home. An excellent gift for these cats is a cozy and warm bed they could feel safe in. Cave cat beds have fun colors and forms—from pink to green, and from domes to even shark-shaped ones!

#6. Automatic Cat Feeder

We agree that an automatic cat feeder is useful, especially if they have multiple cats at home and are away on business or travel most of the time.

#7. Cat Toys

Top 1: Laser is an excellent gift for new cat parents. Why? Lasers can be used during playtime, especially if a cat is trying to lose weight. Most cats are eager to play with lasers.

Top 2 : Aside from lasers, another fun gift is a teaser toy. These toys are especially great for misbehaving cats. A teaser keeps them physiologically preoccupied, making them less inclined to destructive behaviors.

Top 3 : Feeder toys hide treats or dry food pieces that a cat is bound to find and enjoy as they play with the feeder toy. More complex toys such as puzzles are for older, more intelligent cats, but entry-level cat feeders are also available for kittens.

#8. Catnip

Catnip is a tasty and healthy treat for your cat. It's a simple way to add a little zing to a kitty's day. Sprinkle dried leaves in areas where you want the cats to be interested, such as a new cat bed, or spray liquid catnip on a favourite toy.

#9. Cat Backpack

Backpacks are a helpful thing to have for new cat parents, especially those who constantly travel, love the outdoors or during vet visits. 

#10. Gift Card

Every cat needs potty essentials, and Pottycats Gift Card is a very practical thing to give a new cat parent. You can never go wrong with this gift card, whether the cat parent needs a litter box, cat litter, or scooper.

This is also a great last-minute gift, with the flexibility to choose their own gift and the convenience of having it safely delivered to their homes!

Becoming a new cat parent is exciting and to support a friend in this fun journey is a good move. We hope you now have a better idea of what to get for that perfect gift.


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