Hacks To Remove Cat Litter Odor When You Are Away

Hacks To Remove Cat Litter Odor When You Are Away

Most of us are eager to travel, especially now that many countries' borders are opening. Not to mention returning home to celebrate Raya with our loved ones! We understand that it is difficult to travel with our cats, and some of us are not comfortable boarding them in a cat hotel, so we leave them at home, where their sanctuary is, for a few days. But what if you have multiple cats and are concerned about cat litter odor because the litter box is not being tended to on a daily basis? Here are a few tips!

Use Cat Litter with Activated Charcoal

Charcoal is an effective unpleasant odor absorber, thanks to its impressive porosity that not only controls and absorbs odor, but it also eliminates bacteria from your litter box, which is a well-known household hack for smelly spots in your home. 

Not to mention one of our most popular and distinctive pellets made with activated charcoal. What is the distinction between activated charcoal and regular charcoal? Activated charcoal is manufactured at higher temperatures than charcoal and is a much more effective filtering material and adsorbent than charcoal. So make sure you get the ones that are activated!

Use Enough Cat Litter

DO NOT SKIMP on your cat litter. We can't emphasize this enough, especially if you have multiple cats at home. It is critical to provide enough cat essentials for healthy cats and home.

Each of our litter packs is sized for one cat and one standard litter box. Otherwise, if you have a larger litter box, a great hack we always use to measure cat litter is similar to cooking rice, and that is with our finger! Add litter to the first joint of your index finger by dipping the tip of your fingers straight down into the litter box bottom.

Boom. You have the proper litter ratio for an odor-free home.

Use An Extra Litter Box

It's a good idea to keep a spare litter box at home. We understand it's a constraint, especially since we live in an apartment with limited space, but it's best to bring it out only when you're away. More litter boxes equals more waste spread out from your cat. Allow your cats to relieve themselves more comfortably without stepping on their waste this way.

Use A Robot Helper

A self-cleaning or robot litter box will come in handy, especially if you're going to be gone for a few days. You can easily let the robot do its job on its own, or you can use your phone to control it and clean it as frequently as you want.

Use A Friend or Neighbour

If you must, seek assistance from a friend or neighbour to tend your litter box, or even some human interaction with your cats so they don't become too lonely or miss you too much.


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