5 Best Cat Products That Will Change Your Life

5 Best Cat Products That Will Change Your Life

Making their feline comfortable and happy is a top priority for new cat owners. Unfortunately, not all cats are the same, so there are no standard products that all cats will love.

Finding the best cat products typically starts with trial and error. You purchase several types of cat litter to find out what your cat wants. You try different toys, and from there, you learn which ones become the favorite of your cat. It is also the same with food and beds, and even the placement of your feline’s things.

First-time cat parents will be grateful knowing that they can save time, effort, and money and don't need to spend unnecessarily to find out what their cat wants.

Here are five of the proven and best cat products that will change your life as a cat owner and would surely make your cat purr in satisfaction:

#1. Tofu Cat Litter

Say goodbye to commercial cat litter and, instead, stock on tofu cat litter. This kind of litter is made of food-grade soy pulp, and it is most effective in keeping your home odor free and healthier option for your cats.

Tofu litter is also environment-friendly, and you can safely flush it down your toilet. Thanks to its absorbency power, it can absorb liquid up to four times faster than your usual cat litter. These seconds make a significant difference when it comes to suppressing the odor of your cat's wastes.

And as the name suggests, it is made from soya, so it is also completely safe for your cats. The clumping is more solid, allowing you to scoop the wastes easily. You also don't need to worry about the risks of respiratory issues caused by dusty clay litter.

Yes, our litter in Charcoal is very effective, especially if you have multiple cats at home and cleaning it up is almost effortless and odorless up to 30 days. 

#2. Cat Tree

You can also call a cat tree a kitty condo, cat tower, cat condo or wall-mounted cat gym. And it is an all-around area for your cat where it can lounge, sleep, play, and even release stress through scratching.

This jack of all trades home for your cat is a staple in any house that has a moggy. Cat trees are more than a sleeping space because it also satisfies your feline's instinct to climb, hide, scratch, and survey its territory.

If you don’t want to find random cat things around your house, you can keep it within the cat tree’s perimeter since this usually becomes the favorite spot of your feline bud. You’d want everything to be accessible and within reach.

#3. Cat House

Like all members of your household, your cat also deserves to have its privacy and alone time. And a cat house is made entirely for that purpose.

Sure, your cat may use it as its sleeping quarters, but knowing cats, they can sleep anywhere, anytime. But it is still appropriate to give them their own space where they can retreat to and hide when the house becomes chaotic and when there are unfamiliar faces inside your home.

#4. Cat Collar, Leash, and Harness

Cats do not have a collar bone, so wearing a collar is very uncomfortable for them. However, if you have outdoor cats, it is imperative that you always put a collar that bears your active contact information  on your cat in case your feline wanders too far from home.

Although cats are not avid fans of being restricted and controlled, it is handy to have a leash and cat harness available at home. If you are one of the many cat owners who are promoting the idea of cat walking and making their cats more engaged outdoors, then these are must-haves.

And if you live in an apartment, it's beneficial for your cats to get some fresh air on the balcony if it's cat-proof; otherwise, introduce them to the cat leash. Here are some practical suggestions on how to cat-proof your apartment balcony.

#5. Cat Scratcher

Thanks to cat scratchers, you will have less damaged furniture. You can't make your cat stop scratching because it is part of being a moggy. It is beneficial for them in several ways, but you don't need to sacrifice your good furniture just so your kitty can de-stress and stretch.

By investing and strategically placing cat scratchers either in the form of scratch pads or posts in your home, you are saving plenty of money from having to repair your couch, carpet, and other furniture that your cat used to mark.

So, start shopping for these products and enjoy a happier home life with your cat.


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