Why cats make better pets?

why cats make better pets

Nowadays, most people consider pets to be an extension of their family. Having said that, having pets for us had made our lives so much more colourful and joyful!

Of course, dogs always seem to be a popular choice among people who want to experience being responsible for something and give unconditional love. But cats aren't far behind as a choice either.

If you plan to get a pet, here are some reasons why cats make the best pets.

#1. Cats Have A Rainbow Personality

Cats are cute and adorable all their lives. Sometimes, they like you and would go for some cuddle time, and there are also times that they snub you and don't care about you.

They are mischievous and can interrupt your work by lying across your keyboard. There are times that you can't find them anywhere only to find them sleeping in the weirdest places in the strangest positions.

They make the best children because they are fiercely independent yet loyal to you, making them ideal lifetime companions.

Their playful, naughty, and unpredictable personality makes every day exciting. You wouldn't know their mood, so you learn to observe them more.

#2. Cats Are Extremely Low Maintenance

Cats, unlike dogs, do not require daily outdoor walks. The best part, most cats are also intelligent enough to go potty on their own with just a litter box at home.

They enjoy their alone time, and as long as they have access to their water and food bowl and litter box, you can even leave them alone for a day or two.

Cats keep themselves entertained and will turn any object into a toy most of the time. And more importantly, since cats are enthusiastic groomers, you don't need to set aside weekly grooming dates with your cat.

Also, they don't need a large lawn or area because they are good indoor companions. If you live in an apartment in Malaysia, you won't have any issues with a cat. In comparison to dogs, they are primarily quiet, so there will be no complaints from your neighbours, and they are usually permitted by most residence management.

#3. Cats Are More Affordable

Based on the ASPCA, pet cats involve reasonable expenses compared to dogs since they require fewer toys, less food, and minimal trips to the groomer.

Dog owners approximately spend RM500-RM600 per month to care for their dogs, while cat owners only spend RM200 at most. Food, veterinary care, toys, and grooming costs are lower for cats; that's why they are a more feasible option when you want to have a fur baby but are working on a strict budget.

#4. Cats Can Make You Feel Less Guilty

Dogs require your attention and physical presence to thrive. They can develop aggressive behavior without physical and mental stimulation.

Cats don't need this kind of compromise from you. They don't make you feel guilty or inadequate when you have to leave. In truth, your cat may even be actually enjoying its alone time and having your house to itself.

And you don't need to worry (that much) about your cat becoming aggressive when alone. They sleep when they are bored, so you can expect them to be lazing around and snoozing to their heart's content for 15 hours a day.

There are no huge brown eyes and wagging tails to make you feel guilty of your absence as a pet owner but more of yellow eye slits and an indifferent swag. No time for you to be guilty.

#5. Cats Are Healthy For You

Based on research, cats are healthy for you because they help lower your blood pressure and minimize risk of a heart attack. Their purring is also relaxing and even therapeutic.

Watching your cat and its adorable behavior and habits is a free stress reliever for you. And, of course, when your cat purrs at you and shows you some TLC, it makes you happy and proud as a parent.

And don't worry. If, in the future, you finally decide to extend your family, your cat won't have any problems adjusting to your new family dynamics.

Where to adopt?  

Petfinder.my is where we adopted our cats, and where you can adopt one (or another one) as well, saving lives and making your life more beautiful.


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