Best 5 Pet-Friendly Campsites Near Kuala Lumpur

This pandemic has been a long and difficult journey for all of us. It's good to unwind from time to time by taking a short staycation. Explore these laid-back and back-to-nature camping adventure spots with your feline companion if you are staying in or around Kuala Lumpur.

#1. Hammocks By The River

Hammocks by the river pet friendly campsite

This is laidback camping at its finest. You can set your hammock by the river and simply listen to the sound of the river or have great conversations with the other campers.

Hammocks by the River allows pets, so you can feel complete knowing that you have all your family with you, including the four-legged ones. The management provides amenities and everything else you may need, and you have plenty of activities to fill your weekend.

#2. Yaka Campsite

Yaka Campsite

Yaka Campsite is another pet-friendly campsite located in Negeri Sembilan, just an hour away from Kuala Lumpur. The best part is that it has a beautiful scenic view because it is located on a hilltop.

This place is something to look forward to, especially if you are fond of simple and laid-back weekends. It promises a new landscape and amenities in a serene environment that you can share with your feline buddy.

Spend your mornings basking in the green and refreshing atmosphere of this campsite and then laze in your tent in the afternoon. The cool nights and clear skies that Yaka Campsite offers makes it an ideal weekend getaway.

There's also deer ranch right below the campsite where you can pay a visit.

#3. Kuala Kubu Baru Wind Valley

kuala kubu baru wind valley camping site

A farm that doubles into a camping site, the Kuala Kubu Baru Wind Valley Camping Site is a lush and green playground for you to unwind and forget about the stress of the city.

You need to book in advance if you are interested in staying overnight at this campsite located in Selangor. Note though that it only provides basic amenities like toilets and showers.

This camping site is open to pets like cats and dogs, which is a bonus for campers who want to bond with their furry friends.

#4. Payung Getaway Campsite and RV Park

Payung getaway campsite

Spend your holidays with your feline companion, roughly three hours away from Kuala Lumpur, in Cherating. This area is known as one of Malaysia's best beach spots.

Enjoy the soft sands and crystalline waters at the beachfront and other pet-friendly establishments here.

The Payung Getaway Campsite and RV Park doesn't place any restrictions on the pets you're bringing along. Just ensure you follow the guidelines set for pet owners.

And the best part? Your cat or dog will automatically have some waiting playmates because most of the personnel managing the park also bring their pets along.

#5. Ruby’s Resort

Open for campers and fur guests since 2007, Ruby’s Resort has that Instagram-worthy backdrop—the Cherating Beach—and it provides that overall feeling of being at home.

Ruby’s Resort has an in-house cafe where you can enjoy and savor simple but authentic Malaysian dishes. The campsite’s treehouse that has recently been completed will provide hours of adventures to the younger guests.

And if you want to make the most out of your camping adventure, you can take advantage of their local tours that include firefly watching, kayaking, turtle watching, and deep-sea fishing.

And the good news is Ruby Resort is a pet-friendly destination, so bringing your feline family members won’t be a problem at all. Simply call them in advance to let them know that you’ll have four-legged family members with you.

Let's get away! 

Camping in the nature has never been more seamless and exciting, plus you'll get to bring along your cats. You and your feline buddy will indeed have a great time while making beautiful memories together despite the pandemic. 

Image Credits: All photos are credited to the respective campsite owners who have been tagged in this article. 


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