Which Cat Breed Are You?

british shorthair cat breed

Just like people, every cat has a distinct personality. But it cannot be denied that cats of the same breed share similar qualities. 

Similarly, it can be said that people who belong to the same zodiac sign have certain traits in common. So, if you are looking for a breed of cat that is best suited for you, you can look for a breed with attributes that align with those of your zodiac sign. 

Given below are all the zodiac signs and the breed of cat that we feel will complement them beautifully.


Aries are energetic and driven. To complement their temperament, they will do well with a playful and mischievous cat breed such as the Abssynian. These wild cats will not only match the Aries’ energy but also add more fun to their life.


Taureans are strong-minded yet calm (unless provoked). And they really love their downtime. A chilled-out cat such as the Persian would make a good companion for a Taurean to lounge around with.


Geminis are known for their high energy and love of all things fun. A bundle of energy such as the Munchkin will be right up a Gemini’s alley. The Munchkin retains its childlike wonder its whole life, just like Geminis do.


Intuitive and sensitive Cancerians require a loyal and affectionate breed that will be there for them. The Sphynx may be the best candidate since they are affectionate and extremely attached to their owners. They are also probably one of the least likely breeds to try to run out of the house and cause emotional distress to their owner.


Leos are proud and confident people. The equally outgoing and proud Siamese will get along great with them. Together, they can rule the roost at home.


Conscientious and organized Virgos will do well with a cat who isn’t wreaking havoc all over the place. Their ideal pet pal would be the easygoing and independent British Shorthair. 


Librans are known for being amiable and peace-loving. A chilled-out and friendly cat like the Ragdoll would be their ideal pet. Librans will appreciate their mellow yet playful behavior.


Scorpios are mysterious yet bold people. They may come across as a bit intense at times, but anyone who knows a Scorpio is aware of their affectionate side. The independent and intelligent Russian Blue would be a great choice for a Scorpio cat lover. These cats are known for being affectionate without being too clingy.


Fun-loving Sagittarians exude positivity and a great zest for life. The energetic Japanese Bobtail with its sweet disposition and playfulness shares similar traits. This breed is known for being curious just like Sagittarians, so the cat and the human are sure to have some adventures together. 


Known for their energy and need to keep busy, Capricorns will enjoy the company of an active cat. The Bengal would be an ideal choice since it is agile, playful, and very demanding. Capricorns will have their hands busy with this breed, just the way they like it.


Aquarians are intelligent and optimistic people. A clever and trainable breed of cats like the Burmese will bond well with them. This charming cat is sure to engage Aquarians in amusing interactions.


The imaginative yet emotional Piscean will enjoy having a playful and affectionate cat. The dog-like Maine Coon with its loving nature is sure to be their perfect companion. It’s an empathetic breed that will relate with Pisceans like no other.


We hope this is a fun reference for everyone, and we believe that all cats, regardless of breed, gender, or even if they are not pure breed cats, are beautiful and make excellent companions.

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