5 Items Your Cat Might Not Need

As feline parents, spoiling your cat with treats, toys, and gear is second nature. It’s worth it just to hear that satisfied purr. The next thing you know, you are adding another item to your cart.

Unfortunately, the cat gear you buy is often not necessary. Sure, you want to pamper your pet once in a while, but there might be a better use for your funds. You don’t want to end up with a bunch of gear that your pet won’t even want to use.

Here are 5 items that your cat may not need or that you should not encourage for your cat.

Cat Cage

cats in cage

Cats prize their freedom. They prefer to come and go as they please, so putting them in a cage is a huge no-no. It also breaks our hearts to see cats in cages; no matter how large the cages are, it still deprives cats of their freedom. One must distinguish between having cats are adopting a new family member and living together rather than putting them in a cage aka 'cat mansion'.

If you are going to be away from your cat for an extended period of time, make arrangements to board your cat temporarily at professional cat hotels or for family and friends to cat sit. For those living in apartments, there are more ways to keep your cats from falling off the balcony instead of keeping them in a cage, which you can read about HERE.

Carriers are recommended for short trips like going to the vet. Locking your cat in a cage for hours is not advisable and will make your cat miserable. Us, being restless throughout the pandemic lockdown is exactly how your cat will feel in a cage lockdown.

Cat Clothes

persian cat in pink tutu skirt

Plenty of pet parents enjoy dressing up their cats. Cat owners have to accept that dressing up their cats is more for their enjoyment. Owners would purchase a variety of clothing for their tabbies – from a hoodie to festive attire such as Baju Raya for cats. It’s okay to take photos but not recommended to dress them for longer period of time.

Clothing feels weird and restricting to your cat. The whole experience can be frustrating to their tabby. Remember, a cat’s fur is sufficient for any weather.

Cat Shoes

Cats are not meant to wear shoes. They are natural hunters and carnivores, which means that they use their bare paws to search and hunt for prey. Cat shoes reduce the stealth factor and make them feel uncomfortable. They don’t offer much in terms of protection. Besides, why would you want to cover up those adorable kitty toe beans?

Cat Collar

american shorthair cat with a collar

Unlike dogs, cats don't have a collarbone. What felines have are rudimentary clavicles that are 100% free-floating, which give them the ability to slide and fit into smaller places.

That’s why cats detest wearing anything around their necks. A cat with a collar can end up getting stuck in awkward places. They'll end up getting stressed. Save yourself and your cat the headache. Instead, get your feline microchipped if they go outdoors. 

Cat Vitamins or Supplements

Try shoving cat multivitamins down your cat’s throat, and you’ll end up with loud and clawed protests. No matter if it is in tablet or liquid form, cats do not like taking medicines. 

Even attempting to feed your cat supplements can be challenging, so you might as well skip the cat vitamins for everyday use. Instead, make sure your cat is eating a nutritious and varied diet.

If your feline is not feeling well, your smartest move is to visit the vet. Your veterinarian would suggest effective ways of giving medicines. You will also learn the appropriate doses of immune boosters and vaccination for cats. Learn the types of annual vaccination your cats need HERE. 

Save yourself the money, disappointment, and aggravation. Avoid buying these items for your beloved cat. Your affection is a much better gift ❤


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