How to Train Your Cat to Sleep at Night?

how to make cats sleep at night

Is your cat constantly awake at night despite being active the entire day?

You love your cat, but you are becoming desperate for a good night's sleep where your cat doesn’t bother you and wakes you up. What do you do?

If you want to understand how to make your cat sleep at night, then understanding what keeps them awake is the first step.

Cats Are Naturally Nocturnal Creatures

Cats, by nature, sleep almost the entire day and become more active at night. You might not have noticed it, but if you pay close attention, they spend a lot of time just lazing around and taking naps during the day.

This behavior is common. It is often referred to as the night crazies. This may have you thinking of how to make a cat sleep.

Signs of the Night Crazies

If your cat does any of the following, you have a case of the night crazies:

  • Your cat nibbles on your toes and hands while you sleep.
  • You notice bursts of excited and almost wild play going on.
  • There is an unsolicited attack on your ears while you snooze.
  • Your cat suddenly walks and jumps on you while sleeping.
  • You hear crying, yowling, and constant meowing.

How to Make Cats Sleep

These are some training methods on how to make your cat sleep with you:-

Deplete the Energy Supply

One proven method on how to make a kitten sleep is to exhaust it. It follows the same principle as tiring a child, so they sleep faster. If you can, stop your cat from taking naps during the day. Keep it awake with play.

How to make a cat sleep instantly? Engage your cat in physical play an hour before bedtime.

Modify your Cat’s Feeding Time

Notice how your cat takes a nap after feeding? Try to delay feeding your cat until later during the night so it will naturally be sleepy after eating.

Manage your Space

This is an easy solution to how to make a cat sleep with you. Train your cat to sleep outside your room. Close your door and keep your cat out of the room.

You can also transfer your cat’s bed somewhere far enough away from you so it won’t wake you up when it makes a sound.

Put on Some Music

How to make your cat sleep with sound? Research shows that classical music as well as other relaxing and gentle tones are sound to make cat sleep.

After playing with your cat, put on some classical music and let your cat relax. Make this a routine so when your cat hears the music, it will automatically translate to downtime.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the suggestions enumerated in this list are doable and work for you. Slowly but surely, we sincerely wish you a good and long night’s rest! 💤


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