5 Things to Know About British Shorthair Cats

A British shorthair is usually referred to as a teddy bear in the feline world. Their adorable features include a round face, floppy ears, and stubby legs, making them a chubby ball of fluff that people love.

These cats grow from medium to large sizes, and one noticeable feature would be their large, circular eyes that are a little further apart. They don't squint, and their eyes can be beautiful blue, green, orange, and copper. Their tails are thick and usually, taper towards the rounded tip.

If you are interested in owning these adorably plushy British shorthair kittens or cats, here’s what you need to know about the breed.


British Shorthair in many colors and patterns – the most common British shorthair is colored blue or gray. This breed was called the British Shorthair Blue before it was shortened and changed.

British Shorthair in Blue

british shorthair cat in blue color

Although blue and silver are considered the primary colors, there are also British shorthair white, black, and cream with different tabby patterns like calico, tortoiseshell, and bi-color, any color with white. In total, there are roughly 30 various patterns and colors.

British Shorthair in Golden

british shorthair cat in color golden

British Shorthair in White

british shorthair kitten in color white

British Shorthair in Cream

british shorthair cat in color cream

Regardless of coat color and pattern, all of them share that trademark big expressive eyes.


Unique to the British Shorthair - this one’s considered the chill cat; these breeds are non-destructive, easy-going, and endearingly low-energy pets.

After they are past their kitten phase, they are excellent and non-clingy family companions. Known for their trainable, affectionate, and smart personality, these cats like being around their humans.

While they like to follow you from one room to another, they do not like being held and snuggled in your lap. They also don't like being carried. These felines value their "me time," making them the ideal breed for families who are usually out the whole day. They want to be near you but with their definition of social distancing.

If you don't like a noisy pet, then the a British shorthair is perfect for you. They hardly meow at all and are always in their stealth mode. However, you might hear some crashing sounds now and then since this breed is also known for its clumsiness.


A True Hunter in its past life – true that this applies to all cats – big or small are natural hunters, but this breed was best known for their exceptional hunting skills.

Their sharp feline senses help them smell food even from a great distance but unfortunately, they did not fully evolve into hunting cats since they are often found lounging around getting excited by catnip instead of honing their hunting skills.

Life Span

Longer life spans – the British Shorthair has 20 live years to be with you and share your home.

This is an overall healthy breed, and with proper care, they can reach their maximum life expectancy. Thanks to their stocky and muscular bodies, they have also earned the nickname of feline bulldogs.

A word of warning: due to their chill and laidback lifestyle and with their relentless passion for eating, this breed can quickly become obese, so their food intake needs monitoring.

Did You Know?

Cat Inspiration for Popular Feline Stories – thanks to their chipmunk cheeks and great looks, the British Short is the inspiration behind Lewis Carroll's Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland. This breed is also supposed to be the real-life Puss and Boots. They are celebrities in the feline world.

If you feel this is the right type of cat for you, then you can start your journey to being a feline-parent with a British Shorthair kitten.  If you are looking for a  British Shorthair for sale it is best to purchase one from a reputable cat breeder. These cats cost anywhere between RM2,000 - RM6,000.

Bring home your very own ball of fluff and you will realize home is where your cat is.


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