Types of Cat Haircuts

Felines are the epitome of cleanliness. They are the world's most notorious groomers with minimal maintenance required from the humans.

However, there are times human intervention is necessary. Cats do not require haircuts. Haircuts are usually unnecessary unless your cat has a matted coat, fleas infestation, or has skin conditions such as shedding fur, hairballs, or for sanitary reasons towards aging cats trouble with self-care. If you do decide to cut your cat's hair, leave it to the pros.

Professional cat groomers are well-equipped to pamper your cat. Cats grooming can entail more than their licking capacity can provide. From time to time, they may need a full-blown cat brushing aka cat spa, and haircut especially if their fur is long. They have equipment like cat bathers and can perform services like ear cleaning and nail cutting for cats. Shaving a cat, contrary to popular belief, is not cruel as long as it is done by a professional and the cat is not overly upset or stressed by the process.

Here are some cat haircuts to consider before you Google "cat grooming near me."

The Natural Look

As the name suggests, this style will still keep your cat's natural look without needing to make drastic changes to their coat. If your cat’s fur is long, consider this a maintenance trim. This usually includes a triple shampoo treatment, cat nail clipping, and an optional shave for your cat’s belly.

The Teddy Bear Cut 

teddy bear cut for cats


This is without a doubt the most famous haircut. With the Teddy Bear Cut, also known as a Comb Cut or Kitten Clip, you get to shrink your kitty down to about a 1/2 inches in length all over his body. When done correctly, your cat will resemble a stuffed teddy bear.

The Lion Cut

lion cut for cats


Yes, the infamous lion cut is ideal for our hot and humid weather. And of course, a haircut with tons of personality which will transform your cat into a mini lion! 

Usually, a belly shave is suggested to remove more fur and get rid of potential problem areas. The belly is hidden, but many things can get stuck to it. Using a cat shaver and getting most of the long hair out can remove all that dander and dead fur.

This lion cut cat also helps eliminate hairballs, shedding, and mats.

The Tiger Cut 

tiger cut for cats


This haircut trend will even out cat's fur and means having the same coat length all over. This cut automatically means having a tiger tail, tiger head, and perfect paws.

This style usually leaves your pet with about a quarter to an inch of fur, but it can be longer depending on your preference.

The Asian Lion Cut

asian lion cut for cats


A little bolder than the other styles, this one extends your cat's mane to behind its front legs while all the problem areas at the rear are shaved. This cut is often suggested for older cats who can no longer support themselves when peeing.

Responsibility as a Cat Parent

Please ensure that your cat is not being shaved for the sake of fashion, but rather for the reasons stated above. As a cat parent, you are fully responsible for your cat. Aside from providing the necessities for your cat, such as food, water, litter, and shelter, daily routines like grooming and playing with your cat are also essential for keeping your cat safe and happy.


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