Does your cat require grooming?

cat in pink grooming shower cap

A common misconception is that cats groom themselves, but this isn't true. Cats lick themselves to keep their fur clean and healthy, but they don't actually brush their fur like humans do with shampoo or conditioner. So it's up to us humans to take care of our cat grooming needs.

Grooming is important for all cats: it is crucial to maintain their hygiene and remove any parasites and excess fur. But how often should you groom your cat?

It really depends on the type of coat your cat has, as well as their lifestyle. Cats with short coats require less grooming than those with long coats, but they still need a bit of maintenance every week.

Long-haired cats require more care because their hair can get tangled easily and cause matting. This will result in hairballs that can cause vomiting or constipation.

Some cat parents opt to trim their cats nails frequently and/or give them regular baths while others prefer to give their cats more freedom but still brush them at least once a week. Regardless of the reasons, if you are looking for an alternative to brushing your cat’s fur yourself, then you may want to consider professional grooming services.

A cat groomer is an animal groomer who specializes in pets such as cats. Cat grooming prices vary depending on the services that are being offered. It’s also important to know what these services do, so let’s find out!

The grooming process is designed to cut down on shedding, remove dead hair, and keep the coat looking healthy. The cost of cat grooming varies depending on whether it is just a bath and nails clipping, which starts at RM30 on average, or a combination of services such as de-matting, whitening, degreaser, flea removal and special haircut, which can cost up to RM150 or more.

An experienced cat groomer will be able to do everything from bathing and brushing to clipping nails and removing mats with ease. Groomers can also make recommendations for seasonal care based on your pet’s breed and fur type. 

So, how do you go about finding a good cat groomer? Here are some steps to take.

  1. The cat grooming studio must be clean, odor-free and flea-free.
  2. Ensure that the cat groomers are certified and experienced enough to handle difficult cats.
  3. The grooming prices must be reasonable while still providing a high-quality service that allows the cats to remain fresh-smelling and well-groomed for an extended period of time.
  4. For cats who are extremely sensitive and conscious, it is possible to select a cat-only studio that is dog-free.

Alternatively, you can find mobile pet groomers to come to your house or workplace with all the necessary supplies. They will groom your cat right in front of you - giving you peace of mind that it is done correctly and at a time that suits both parties.

Let us include cat grooming is an essential part of cat care. A well-groomed cat will be healthier and happier.


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