Why is the ragdoll cat breed so popular in Malaysia?


Ragdoll cats are among the most popular cat breeds in Malaysia and around the world. Three adjectives that perfectly describe a ragdoll cat are amiable, huge, and beautiful.

Often referred to as a ragdoll munchkin, this cat breed makes great companions. This breed loves its humans, even kids, and will readily shower other furry family members with a lot of feline enthusiasm.

With their medium-length silky fur, they share some similarities with Angora and Persian cats and have sizable builds. Indeed, the ragdoll is the ideal feline and a favorite among families.

If you are considering adopting a ragdoll cat, it’s good to learn more about this breed before bringing one home to join the family.

Here are some interesting facts about them:

#1. Ragdolls Have Certified Baby Blues

 blue ragdoll

Ragdolls are known for their large body, luxurious fur, and their striking, bright blue eyes. Though their eyes come in a variety of blue shades and eye shapes, their certified baby blues certainly set them apart.

Complementing their distinctive blue eye color is their rich fur that comes in different colors. The most common ragdoll furs are brown, seal point (or a rich chocolatey brown), blue, cream, black and red with distinct markings.

#2. Ragdolls Are Born White and Pale

ragdoll kitten

Though they exhibit lush fur once fully grown, you may not recognize them when newly born with their pale colors. However, their coats gradually darken and shift into their permanent colors as they grow.

Ragdoll kittens slowly gain their markings and actual color between one and two weeks old. Because of this, you should ask your breeder about the pattern and color you can expect as they grow older.

Some cat parents enjoy the surprise and allow the surprise to unfold as they bring up their new ragdoll kitten.

#3. Ragdolls Have the Personalities of Canines

Unlike other cat breeds that are generally independent and have their own world, ragdolls exhibit some dog-like characteristics.

These cats are fiercely loyal, extremely playful, and love being around their humans and being involved in their family's interactions.

You may be surprised to find your cat waiting patiently by the door for you or have your cat playfully engage you in play, but ragdolls do these things. They love attention and will enthusiastically accept every cuddle session you can spare.

Another dog-like behavior that this breed exhibits is playing fetch. As you can imagine, they’re naturals in this game. Despite their elegant and imposing appearances, you’ll often see them carrying their favorite toys with their teeth and happily trotting around like a puppy.

#4. Ragdolls Are Quiet and Domesticated Felines

ragdoll munchkin

If you have limited space and live in an apartment, this cat is a perfect match for you. This breed can happily laze around and thrive in small living spaces.

This breed is also extremely quiet by nature. They are affable and generally have a "business as usual" approach towards anything even when they are in pain or distress.

#5. Ragdolls Are Lap-Cats

This adorable ball of fluff thrives on human companionship. They love being held and snuggled with. Unlike other breeds that only cuddle with you when they feel like it, ragdolls love to cuddle and will even take the initiative by sitting on your lap for some TLC.

This nature is supposedly why they got their name. They are docile and will become floppy and limp like a rag doll when picked up by their human parents.

How much does a ragdoll cat cost, and is it worth it?

ragdoll cat price

Ragdoll cat prices range from RM1000 to RM13,000 and should be purchased from a reputable pet store and responsible breeder. Ragdoll cats are excellent domestic companions that possess beautiful and striking features; especially if you want a loving, friendly companion who will be affectionate to everyone in your home. Because they are large cats, make sure your home is prepared for them. Ragdolls require almost no grooming, shed very little, and are very trainable. 


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