How to Know if Your Cat is Happy

A girl happy touching her cat while reading at home

Cat owners would agree that cats have a mind of their own. They are known to do things on their own terms.

It is funny and even exasperating because one minute, they are purring and happily rubbing up against your leg, and in a matter of seconds, they won't come out of their hiding spot despite being coaxed.

They also love a good rub and a loving snuggle but again, only on their terms and not when you’re in the mood for it.

Their independence to do what they want, when they want can be both frustrating and endearing. It is what makes them cats.

As a cat owner, you would like your cat to be happy and content. You want it to feel secure and loved but cat expressions are hard to read. They are the ultimate poker face, so, understandably, you’d be needing some reassurance that your cat is happy.

Here are signs that you are on the right track in keeping your cat happy: 

Purring is Happiness

There is no better way for your feline to show happiness and contentment than by giving you those long, vibrating purrs. It is their way of showing joy. Add in some snuggling and stroking, ear and belly rubs, and for sure, your cat will lazily purr on the couch or bed with you.  In most cases, your cat will produce this sound when they are relaxed.

Note though that although most of the time purring is good, this is also your cat's way of saying that it might be in pain or stressed, especially if it happens in inappropriate circumstances.

Time for Cat Play

A happy cat will be more engaging and proactively come up to you for some playtime.

Besides initiating some minutes of play with you, happy cats positively interact with other pets in the house too. Again, for cats who usually have their own schedules and agenda when at home, engaging in play indicates that they are in a happy mood.

Just Chilling Vibe

When a cat does not feel any anxiety, fear, or stress and is secure and safe in its environment, it will be happy and relaxed. You will see this behavior in your cat when you catch it sleeping in various positions (eg. belly up) without a care in the world. They don't get easily started by the noise or movement around them because they know they are safe.

Cat Alert: The Tail Wagging 

A cat wagging it's tail

Unlike doggies, whose happiness can be visibly seen and felt in every enthusiastic wag and shake, a cat wagging tail is not an indication of joy. In the feline world, cat wagging tail means a lot of things because this is how they communicate with other cats, and they are hoping that you will understand them too just by looking at their tails.

A cat shaking its tail back and forth may be a sign that your feline buddy is about to go hunting. This activates its hunter mode to mesmerize the prey. Don't be surprised if, after the tail swishing, your cat leaps into action. Cat shaking tail is a little warning that something exciting is about to happen.

Another cat tail meaning if your feline starts shaking is annoyance and agitation. Agitated cats would flicker their tails, and your cat would do the same if it wants you to stop smothering him or her. It can also mean that your little puss in boots is scared, especially if it wags its tail low. So cat wagging tail meaning a positive indication is not always true.

Nobody wants a sad cat, and if you’ve had your cat for a while and the two of you are bonded, you really won’t have a hard time identifying its current state of mind.

Live in the now and stay happy with our cats 😊

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