Cat Toys For Your Cat To Actually Play

Two grey tabby kittens playing with fish rod cat toy

Cats have this reputation of being spoiled and lazy. They also tend to give you a lot of attitudes because they do things on their own terms.

Letting your cat sulk, sleep, and gain weight says a lot about you as a pet owner. You have to keep them active even while indoors. You have to encourage your feline buddies to exercise even if they are mostly staying inside your home. You don't want your cat to be added to the obese list.

The best way to exercise your cats while staying home is by playing. Make it more fun by using cat toys that your cats actually play! 

You don’t necessarily have to splurge and purchase tons of cat toys because you can also test your creativity by coming up with some DIY cat toys.

Shopping for the best cat toys can be loads of fun, but it can also be a little overwhelming because you're not sure which ones to get. You might end up hoarding plush cat toys and catnip toys but those will not help your cat get some exercise.

Here are some of the best cat toys that will encourage play and exercise in your cats:

●       Laser Pointers

No cat can resist this Holy Grail among cat toys, and for sure, this will get your cat moving. After all the chasing and the jumping, ensure your cat is not left frustrated about catching nothing. Always conclude the game with your feline buddy catching its prey.

●       Food Puzzles

Turn mealtimes into exercise time incorporating food puzzles around the house by using your cats favorite treats during meal times. This will not only get your cat to be active, but it also stimulates their mind to actually hunt for food. 

●       Fish and Rod 

Even indoor cats will proactively become active in hunting games. Your feline buddy will become physical with a fish and rod toy because it gives them that natural feeling and satisfaction of hunting, even if it is just a straw. Expect a good chase around the house. A cat teaser toy can keep your cat running and leaping for hours.

●       Crunchy Paper Balls

A ginger kitten playing with DIY paper cat balls

Cat balls are classic, and almost every cat owner would have a ball or two somewhere.

We find crunching up a piece of paper and made into the shape of a ball works pretty well! Ball chasing can be lots of fun, and you can join in on the fun too. Add in a cat tunnel, too, to encourage your cat to walk and exert some physical energy.

●       Socks

Finally, a use for all those lone socks who’ve lost their mates. Your cat will flip for these crinkly fish lookalike sock toys.

●       Carton Boxes 

No doubt almost all cats love boxes especially cardboard boxes. This is one of our favorite DIY cat toys which are cheap, and easy to obtain from all the online shopping right now. 

A cute ginger cat playing hide and seek in Pottycats cardboard box

Create a special cat house that your cat can call their own, including a place for their litter box, a play area and a bed to relax. This DIY can be customized in many ways so the sky is the limit! 

Two adult indoor cats playing in cat house made from Pottycats litter boxes

The options for cat toys are endless, and with interactive cat toys also as possibilities. Cats are simple animals with no fancy toys needed.

With a safe environment, proper diet, and a consistent amount of exercise, your cat can be kept happy and healthy! 


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