Is Homemade Cat Food the Best Option for Your Cat?

Bengal cat waiting for homemade cat food on kitchen's table

Dry cat food and canned cat food has become a go-to, especially for on-the-go feline parents. Some cat parents are guilty of scooping a cup of that dry cat food simply because it is a quick and convenient option.

With this in mind, a lot of cat parents are considering healthier option by switching to homemade cat food or a raw diet. Many of you may think that a shift to DIY cat food is simple. After all, procuring the raw ingredients shouldn't be that hard, and the internet is full of homemade cat food recipes.

You may be in for a surprise when you realize It is actually a big task to handle.

For starters, cats by nature don't handle a change in routine that well. They are sensitive to change, and that includes the food you give them.

But if cooking wholesome food for your cat is a rewarding experience for you, home-cooked cat treats occasionally may be a better option - also making it a productive activity at home during the lockdown. 

Steps Before Preparing or Ordering Homemade Cat Food

There are millions of recipes online for everything from homemade wet cat food to treats. Right now, you may also find quite a number of online pet food provider who customizes and delivers straight to your home. But the reality is that these are usually shared or prepared by people with minimal to zero knowledge about feline nutrition.

The recipes may not provide all the needed nutrients essential for your cat's overall wellness, and feeding your feline buddies with these easy recipes may lead to serious problems in the long run, no matter how good your intentions may be.

If you are all set to cook or order homemade cat food, then the first thing you should do before getting started is to connect with your veterinarian, and they usually have the added knowledge and training on animal nutrition.



As long as your cat’s nutritional needs are met, it doesn’t really matter if he or she eats store-bought or homemade food.

Commercial dry cat food are specially formulated to contain the nutrients your cat needs. All recipes are developed by a team of certified nutritionists or veterinarians to ensure that they meet your cat’s dietary needs.

If you prefer to make your cat’s food, be reminded to ask your veterinarian or an animal nutritionist to review the recipes you choose.

With their help, you can create nutritionally well-balanced recipes, which you can then try at home. By following their recommendations, you can be more confident with every portion of raw material you are putting in, knowing that this is the healthiest food for your cat.


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