New Year Thoughts

Another trip around the sun! Pottycats is still evolving as a company, but our core mission remains the same: healthier, happier cats and us.

A trip down memory lane.

Here's a little story for those who are new to us. Pottycats was founded in 2018 in order to find a non-toxic and safe alternative cat litter for our fur baby. We had zero to little knowledge as first-time cat owners and had been using bentonite sand and crystal cat litter for the longest time. After many vet visits and IV drips, we determined that cat litter was the source of our baby's constant sneezing and coughing. Our hearts were broken after reading about how conventional cat litter is made for generations of cats! They are not only harmful to our cats, but also to us and our mother earth. More on this can be found on Our Story.

We are proud to say that we were among the first in Malaysia to introduce a healthier cat litter, and we are still cat parents' favourite for high quality natural cat litter.

Cat care through cat litter.

We adore cats, and our cat is literally our child, our family. Our small business has grown over the years, but our mission has not changed. We take our mission seriously because we, like you, have the responsibility as cat parents to protect our fur baby. Pottycats must also positively impact the everyday lives of our customers in order to make cat parenting easier and happier.

Cat parents community.

Cat parenting must not be as difficult (or lonely) as it was for us as first-time cat owners. We are honoured to have Malaysia as a cat-loving country, but there is a lack of education and knowledge about proper cat potty. We believe in creating multiple channels to meet customers where they are. Afterall, we'd created a community of cat parents through our channels, and we're glad to see we are now are speaking with one another.

Gratitude Note.

We are all passionate about cats. We humbly and gratefully thank you for your years of and ongoing support. Our days have been filled with joy and love whenever we receive your thoughts on how our products have helped you, pictures of your fur babies, and cat chats! 

So let us join hands in 2023—whether you're a cat parent, thinking about becoming one, or have never had a cat before—in creating a life with cats and letting us show you how wonderful it can be ❤️.

Begin your journey with us and see what we have in store for you!


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