Open or Covered Cat Litter Box?

We constantly get asked this question a lot - open or covered cat litter box, which is better? In fact, there was a study conducted in 2012 and the researchers found that cats have a fair preference for both types of litter boxes.

In the modern days, more litter box or cat toilets are designed to suit cat owner's preference mostly. However, the choice in choosing the litter box should be applicable to your cat's personal preference instead.  

Here are some tips on getting the right litter box for your cat!

Open (top) Cat Litter Box

White Persian cat using the the litter box with tofu pellets


  • Accessible
  • Easy cleaning
  • High visibility
  • Budget and mobility friendly
  • Ideal for 'standee', kittens and senior cats
  • Tracking
  • Unattractive

Covered (or hooded) Cat Litter Box

Ragdoll cat peeping out from open top pink litter box


  • Esthetic factor
  • Less tracking
  • Ideal for 'sprayer' 
  • Privacy


  • Traps odor and dust (if you are using clay or silica litter), which may be harmful for cats with respiratory issues
  • Certain cats may feel it's a trap
  • No visibility of the elimination
  • May take longer to potty train 

The key in knowing your cat's personal preference is to observe and access its litter box behavior. Remember that every cat is different and may have its own unique potty etiquette. 

There is no hard truth in getting the right litter box - the truth is cats are typically very clean beings and they love clean litter box! 

How? Daily cleaning routine, patience and using natural, unscented clumping litter was likely the most important litter box factors in making sure your cats are doing their potty right.

So, have you cleaned your litter box today?

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