5 Reasons to Switch to Pottycats Tofu Cat Litter

Pottycats tofu litter in Charcoal and Original with jumbo scooper

New cat parents will get it tricky to trust any brand of cat litter, especially there are endless varieties in the market such as clay (sodium bentonite sand), silica, pine wood and paper litter.

Our survey has shown more than 72% cat parents uses regular clay and silica litter as there are widely available and cheaper. But most didn't realize they are putting their cats in danger by using these litters as they contained mostly harmful chemicals.

Read our story to find out it went from affecting our cat to creating Pottycats.

Here are our Top 5 reasons to switch:

1. Safe enough for kittens

A cute kitten sleeping on Pottycats litter in a cat litter box


Pottycats are biodegradable plant-based cat litter made from 100% tofu (soy) without the toxic chemicals which can be found in clay and silica cat litter. 

It contains the perfect solidification formula which naturally clumps when wet and flushable; making the daily litter box cleaning super easy. We wouldn't mind trying on a product that serves the intended purpose correctly and most importantly safe for our cats. 

2. Powered for Indoors 

Nobody wants a welcome to a home with an odor. 

Let's face it, we have all tried all kinds of alternatives - scented litter, perfume spray, baking soda, aroma candles and lots of charcoal dehumidifier from Daiso - yet none of them works! 

At Pottycats, our litter is best known to absorb odor much better than other tofu cat litter in the market without any artificial scent added which are unsafe for the cats. 


Our secret? Our tofu cat litter were designed and made from premium ingredients with Activated Charcoal for a superb odor absorption. 



Pottycats litter in activated charcoal variant

3. No Dust & Less Tracking

Sweeping and vacuuming everyday is not fun with all the cat litter tracking around the house. Honestly, the worse comes when changing the litter box, we'd find dust all over or even breathe in some which may be hazardous to our health.  

No worries when it comes to using Pottycats tofu cat litter. As a cat owner, we ensure lowest dust possible when it comes to our production by high temperature drying, multi-filtration and sterilization. 

We minimize litter tracking by designing the best granular size which doesn't get stuck between our cats' paws and less tracking. 

4. No More Single-use Plastics 

Maine coon cat doing it's potty in a blue litter box

Yes, you heard us! You don't need to dispose your cat's waste in the plastic bags anymore. It's soluble feature makes it flushable, plumbing friendly and septic-safe. Our dense, designed pellets retain its shape with solid-clumping making scooping way easier to the toilet bowl. 

Our tofu cat litter is biodegradable and safe enough to compost in the garden. 

5. Last up to 30 days


Pottycats litter in Original non scented variant packaging


Pottycats tofu cat litter is designed up to 30 days for one cat. Just scoop daily and no refills needed. The struggle in daily refills is pretty much solved for busy cat parents. Sit back and relax with a peace of mind. 

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