5 Reasons to Switch to Tofu Cat Litter

What is tofu cat litter?

pottycats best tofu cat litter Malaysia

It's a biodegradable plant-derived cat litter made of non-toxic ingredients. It contains the perfect solidification formula (without the toxic stuff) which forms solid clumps when wet and dissolves when in contact with water -- making the daily litter box cleaning process much more manageable. We wouldn't mind trying on a product that serves the intended purpose correctly and most importantly safe for our cats. 

Let's take a look at what makes Pottycats tofu cat litter so special!

1. Safe Enough for Kittens, Spay or Neuter Care

pottycats best tofu cat litter malaysia

Cat parent who have new kittens or nursing an after-surgery wound will get it tricky to trust any brand of litter. For example, if your cat has just undergone a spaying or neutering procedure.

First, what is spay or neuter?

Also known as castration, it's a surgical process, undertaken to remove male cats testes. It's done for various reasons, namely; prevent testicular cancer, unplanned kittens, and also helps put at bay certain behaviors like mounting, roaming around and even leg-lifting urination. For female cat, the produce of ovaries and uterus removal is known as spaying. It keeps the cat safe from unwanted pregnancy, uterine infections and other diseases. And this curb unwanted behavior patterns related to sexual maturity like yowling. It’s best if your cat undergoes neutering or spaying produce before the first heat sets in.

You might be so scared that the cat will contract an infection by using the wrong cat litter. We reduce fungal infections, does not get stuck in the wound or bum, so no irritation. Plus, no odor if the cat nursing a wound experiences any discharge when attending to a nature-call. The chances of contamination are will be greatly reduced when using a natural litter: healthy kittens and cats, simple stress-free lifestyle.

2. Filters and Absorbs Odor ALL DAY ERR DAY

pottycats best tofu cat litter malaysia

To have a healthy cat and home, you need to take action to ensure the litter box contains no odor. Do you know how? By just using the right litter.

No baking soda or any other odor control method is needed. Within 5 minutes after litter box usage, the waste is all clumped-up and filtered. Fast clumping means less waste for easier scooping. This also helps in eliminating odor, facilitating a happy life between the cat and the parent. It also makes cleaning super easy.

At Pottycats, our litter is best known to absorb odor much better than tofu cat litter in the market. Why? It's because we do not add a high percentage of water during the manufacturing process as this will dilute the odor absorption strength. Oh, did we mention it's also best for indoor usage without the funky scent? We don't need those stuff to mask the odor! 

3. No Dust 

Cats like playing around the house, with almost all if not everything they find interesting. Cats are likely to get off the litter box, and with all the dust from the litter box, finds an entertaining game. You can't imagine getting to your study table only to find your laptop having litter dust and can take up most of your time cleaning the house! Or when changing the litter box, you find dust all over your clothes, on your face or even breathe in some! The feeling is not right, we have been in those shoes, and we know.

No dust cat litter, how so?

We use high temperature drying, multi-filtration and sterilization to ensure lowest dust litter are made. Our cat litter granular size is incredible since it doesn't get stuck between the paws and leaves no tracks too!

4. No More Bagging 

flushable best tofu cat litter malaysia pottycats

If you do care for the environment, won't think twice about being one of the many cat parents who are joining hands to conserving the surrounding by using a biodegradable product. And for convenience sake, we save time.

Yes, you heard us! You don't need to dispose litter box waste in the plastic bags or dustbin anymore. Tofu cat litter soluble feature makes it plumbing friendly; it's flushable, plus it doesn’t clog. Also, the pellets retain their shape even after being wet. Making it the best quality for scooping our way to the toilet bowl. 

You can even use it as garden fertilizer. It's so easy to clean the litter box now, especially if you have more than one cat. 

5. Long-lasting and No Refill Needed 

pottycats tofu cat litter malaysia

Tofu cat litter tends to last longer than other types of litter. At Pottycats, our litter is measured correctly for a standard cat usage per pack -- if you have one cat, with no health condition which demands standard use of the litter box may serve up to 30 days. The struggle in refilling cat litter daily is solved!

The fact is, the duration your cat litter is going to serve you depends on various factors: age, health condition, and the number of cats you are parenting. It means you don't need to attend to the litter box every day but monthly instead.

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