Top 3 Reasons to Consider Grain-free Cat Food

Girl hand feeding a Siamese cat with cat food

People are transitioning to healthy eating. The trend now is to be more conscious of labels, content, and nutritional value of every product.

So, shouldn’t we be doing the same when it comes to our pets too?

We’re all guilty of just grabbing the nearest cat food for our feline family members or the cat food brand that’s currently popular. All cat owners would attest to having hoarded cat kibble that’s on sale since we consider it a healthy option.

Your fur baby deserves the best cat food there is, in terms of nutritional value. It's time to stay away from all the artificial flavors and colors, fillers, corn, and other ingredients. If you pay close attention to the ingredient list on the packaging, you’ll realize that your choice of cat food has very little protein, a food group which should actually be a large part of your cat's diet.

This is where you should consider switching over to grain-free cat food. As far as your feline family member is concerned, grain-free cat food is the healthier option.

What is Grain-Free Cat Food?

Just like the name suggests, this kind of cat food contains zero grains. It is the cat food recommended by vets.

Barley, corn, oats, rice, and wheat are the grains usually found in normal cat food. Most cats don't really require grains and taking them away will not affect their nutritional needs. In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that some cats are allergic to grains, specifically to corn. While we are at it, fish for cats is not always ideal either.

Grain-free premium cat food usually uses other sources of carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, potatoes, lentils, peas, and tapioca instead of grains. Certain grain-free cat food brands are found to have a higher content of carbohydrates than their counterparts with grain.

If you are worried that an increase in carbs will make your cat lazy and fat, then think again. Overfeeding, a sedentary lifestyle, and neutering are factors that contribute to weight gain in cats.

Reasons Why You May Consider Grain-Free Cat Food

While it might take a little getting used to, grain-free cat food does have its benefits:

1. Cats are obligate meat-eaters. As carnivores, they need protein rich food to keep their muscles lean, sustain their energy, and have strength for their day-to-day activities. Grain-free cat food provides the recommended protein needs of your cat. While it may not be meat-based protein, plant-based protein is still a better alternative than carbohydrates making it the best kitten wet food as well.

2. Grain-free cat food is also friendlier to your feline's digestive system. The high carb content in regular cat food gives it a starchy, dry texture. This makes it difficult on your cat's digestive system since they don't produce the necessary salivary amylase enzyme that is capable of breaking down starchy food. Grain-free cat food is more natural and hence the closest alternative to your cat's natural diet.

Their digestive system can easily break down these foods so that nutrients are absorbed to the fullest. It is as close to the taste of the wild cat food that your cat would enjoy outdoors. Grain-less is the best kitten food because your cat can get used to it young and at the same time, gain all the nutritional elements required to grow strong and healthy.

3. Grain-free diet keeps your cat healthier and fuller longer. You will notice that by changing their meals to the, they develop a leaner body since grain-free cat food is high protein cat food. You will also notice that your cat's coat is shinier and lustrous looking with lesser possibilities of flaky and itchy skin.
The best cat kibble can address any grain allergies that your kitten may be suffering from, making it a perfect option for food-sensitive felines.

What are Some Best Dry Cat Food Brands that are Grain-Free?

There are a lot of known cat food brands that carry grain-free options. Champion Petfoods, a premium cat food brand, is best known for their Orijen cat food and Acana cat food. Both brands are grain-free and among two of the best cat food brands.

Carnilove cat food is also one of the good cat food brands. This brand incorporates unconventional protein resources like lamb, reindeer, salmon, pheasant, turkey, and even wild boar into its dry and wet cat food.

Another option pegged as one of the best cat food brands is Brit cat food, known for its protein rich content. 

Switching to a grain-free and finding the best dry kitten food and best-wet cat food is extremely delicate. Be prepared for hits and misses until you find the wet cat food that suits your cat. 


Disclaimer: This post does not intend to teach, advise and recommend any sort of diet intake for your cats. Please get professional advise from your veterinarian before changing your cats' diet. 


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