Top 5 Weird Habits of Cats

top 5 weird cat habits

Cats are known for their independent and pampered nature. They do things only when they want to. Everything must be on their terms, a trait that makes them more lovable to cat people.

Most feline parents would agree that cats have weird habits that are unique to their kind. To your pet, these come naturally.

Have you ever been perplexed by these top 5 strange habits of cats?

Why Do Cats Purr?

The purring of a cat is the sound of complete contentment. It is the hallmark of a happy, warm, and well-fed cat. These satisfied vibrations can make every cat owner cuddle and stroke their cat some more.

But did you know that cats also purr when they are stressed or in pain? The low vibrations assist your tabby's breathing and release some tension in their bodies. Purring also helps them heal from injury and aids in repairing and building their muscles.

Purring is the cat’s ultimate painkiller.

Why Do Cats Knead?

Next to purring, cats have this strange habit of kneading something soft. It can be the surface of your sofa, a blanket, your lap, and even other felines.

There are plenty of reasons why cats knead. Kittens knead their mothers to stimulate milk flow, but adult cats knead to get closer to their keepers. This action can be a behavior to show their happiness as they tend to knead after some snuggling. When your cat is doing this, it’s probably a sign of enjoyment.

Cats also knead to create a resting space or mark territory. Watch those little paws in action as they drift off to slumber. This can be likened to how dogs would circle a particular spot before lying down.

Why Do Cats Vomit?

There are plenty of reasons why cats vomit. When cats eat their food too quickly, they tend to expel or regurgitate the entire meal. It may look alarming, but it is perfectly normal.  Another common culprit would be hairballs.

However, don’t completely relax your guard. Vomiting can also be a symptom of a medical condition. If your cat frequently vomits even long after meals, better have a vet check your feline.

Why Do Cats Lick?

It's normal for cats to lick themselves since they are meticulous groomers. But what if you’re thinking, “Why does my cat lick me?”

Kittens get licked and groomed by their mothers as a sign of affection. Your cat is replicating this behavior to let you know that they love you. Note that they also lick other animals to show affection.

It may also be a sign of possession. Your cat sees you as part of their territory, so licking is a way to show that you belong.

Why Do Cats Bite?

A cat's attitude can be cuddly one minute, and the next, you get a full-blown biting spree. Did you do anything wrong? You may ask, “Why is my cat biting me?”

Cats usually bite during play as part of their hunting instincts. If you are a cat owner, expect to get a soft nip here and there. Your cat may suddenly bite you during petting or stroking. You might be too rough, or your pet might be experiencing pain in an area that you just touched.

Be conscious of aggressive biting. Often, you can sense when your cat is angry and in a fighting mode.


Overall, these feline quirks make them even more endearing to their parents. With these actions, cats can communicate and get your attention. They're just being cats!


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