Where Should I Keep My Cat Litter Box at Home?

One of the basics of cat ownership is setting up a litter box at home. Location is everything, especially if your cat does not have access to an outdoor area.

You want your cat to be comfortable about doing their business. Good thing we have these practical tips for finding the appropriate spot for your feline’s litter box.

The Best Places to Keep Your Cat’s Litter Box

When you have a large house, you are at liberty to set litter boxes in different rooms. But if you have limited space like an apartment, you must choose the most convenient area in your home.

A cat-friendly location will have:


Make sure the litter box is visible, not hidden someplace that is difficult to reach. Do not place it in a spot that is too high or too far from your kitty’s favorite hangouts. Keep in mind that making elderly cats or young kittens climb stairs may cause litter box avoidance.

You don’t need to go to extreme lengths to conceal the litter box. Doing so can cause you and your cat more inconvenience. After all, you still need to clean it regularly.

Privacy and Quiet

How would you feel if you have to do your business while people come and go? You would probably be anxious and reluctant.

Set the litter box where your cat can have some privacy. Cats feel vulnerable when they are in their litter boxes. Unwanted surprises can lead to an angry kitty, so make sure that it is far from the other pets and playful kids.

Observe if your cat likes having a cover, or if she prefers to be out in the open.


The litter box should make your cat feel secure, so she can do what she needs to do comfortably. Otherwise, your cat will end up finding relief elsewhere.

Your litter box should be away from appliances, as the noise and heat may drive your cat away. Also, don’t put it near food and water to prevent contamination.

Tips for Setting Up a Litter Box

Here are more tips for setting up your cat’s litter box:

  • Follow the 1+1 rule. There should be one litter box per cat and one extra for the household. If you have multiple cats in your home, use separate litter boxes, or use our PottyBox, which is large enough for cats who share.
  • Make sure the area is well lighted. Your cat will not enjoy going to a dark corner and making it difficult for you to clean.
  • Assign a permanent spot. If you move the litter box frequently, your cat will get stressed.

Team Pottycats Fav Spots 

Where should I keep my cat litter box at home

Here are our favorite spots at home: 

  • Bathroom. Preferably guest bathroom or one you rarely use to keep it dry and convenient for you to clean the litter box daily. Tuck your cat's litter box under a pedestal sink or between your toilet and tub.
  • Guest room. Most apartments have extra room, so it's ideal, and your cat will be relieved to have some privacy.
  • Hallway. The size of the hallway is usually ideal for a litter box and is not visible from the living room.
  • Below the stairs. Houses with stairs are fairly common in Malaysia, and they usually have a space behind them. This is unquestionably a good location.

If you live in an apartment, try to avoid areas where cats are prone to falling, such as balconies. Please avoid the garage/car porch at all times for landed residences as they are prone to accidents and your cats may go missing if they get a taste of freedom.

When you think of the best location for your cat's litter box, don't just focus on what's suitable for your feline. The setup should also work for you and your family.

Observe how your cat reacts to each location. If it is not working as planned, make the necessary adjustments. Don’t worry. Your cat will let you know if the spot you’ve chosen is perfect.


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