The 3-Step Potty Routine - Pottycats
The 3-Step Potty Routine - Pottycats
The 3-Step Potty Routine - Pottycats
The 3-Step Potty Routine - Pottycats

Trio Adventure Pack

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Please Note: Our Original variant is out of stock. We will substitute Charcoal for the Original.

Feeling adventurous? Try our litter of three different variants and decide the best.

Good for: 

  • Original - Single-cat households, kittens, cats with allergy, respiratory or urinary issues, sensitive skin and after surgery care
  • Charcoal - Multi-cats households, cats with frequent wet food or raw diet where extra odor absorption is required
  • PottyAid - Potty training (all ages), stop or won't use the litter box, eliminating outside of litter box and regular clay litter user 

Month 1 - Kickstart with PottyAid 

Month 2 - Switch to Original

Month 3 - Step up or mix in Charcoal to combat odor

Size: 6L; 2.5KG each pack

Usage: 1 pack = 1 cat = 1 month

*Measured for a standard litter box size of 15"x11".

Suitable for: All types of litter box include SmartSift. Use PottyAid for Litter-Robot

Ingredients: 100% Soy(Tofu), Activated Charcoal, Food-gum, Starch and Water (No added chemicals, clay, silica, dyes or scent)

How To Use: 

  1. Pour the whole pack into the litter box.
  2. To dispose, scoop and flush daily.
  3. Replenish a new pack every month. 

TIP: Never reuse litter to keep odor at bay with optimum hygiene.

Storage Care: Use immediately once opened. Keep sealed when not in use up to 6 months. Store in a cool and dry place. 

Postage Fees:

- West Malaysia - RM5 (Free for orders above RM100)

- Klang Valley (Next Day Delivery) - RM30 per order 

- East Malaysia - RM30 per pack

Delivery Times:

- Processing: 1 Day

- West Malaysia - 3-5 days

- East Malaysia - Within 14 days

*Processing and delivery not applicable on weekends or public holidays

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