Pottycats natural cat litter starter kit mix soy tofu and charcoal
Pottycats natural cat litter starter kit mix soy tofu and charcoal
Pottycats natural cat litter starter kit in original soy tofu
Pottycats natural cat litter starter kit in charcoal
PottyAid Cat Training Litter Starter Kit
Starter Kit
Potty Kit with stainless steel cat litter box, origjnal and charcoal Pottycats cat litter and PottyScoop
Pottybox Easy Cat Litter Box_Potty Kit

Starter Kit

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This will be the perfect kit for the new cat parent. The kit is available in various sets to meet your cat's needs.

    Complete Kit: 

    Original Kit: 

    Charcoal Kit: 

    Training Kit: 

    Pine Kit: 

    Potty Kit: 



    • Healthier for cats
    • Expert in ammonia absorption (cat pee odour)
    • Solid clumps for easy scooping and flushing
    • No dust, no tracking
    • Soft on paws 
    • Powered for indoors 

      Variant: Original, Charcoal, PottyAid and Pine

      Good for: 


      1. Single cat at home.
      2. Recovery from neutering or surgery.
      3. Cats with respiratory, urinary issues, or sensitive skin.


      1. Cats with a strong potty odour.
      2. Multiple cats at home.
      3. Cats on a wet or raw diet.


        1. Getting your cats to use a litter box.
        2. Switching from sand to pellets.
        3. Excellent for cats who use an automatic litter box and require finer litter.


        1. Kittens or cats with delicate paws.
        2. A tofu-alternative that prevent cats from eating litter.
        3. Users of wood pellets without dealing with sifting, sogginess, or sawdust.

        Suitable for: All types of litter box including open, covered or sifter. Use PottyAid or Pine for automatic litter box.

          Size: 6L; 2.5KG 

          Usage: 1 pack = 1 cat = 1 month

          *Measured for a standard litter box size of 38cm Length x 28cm Wide

          Ingredients: 100% Soy(Tofu), Activated Charcoal, Food-gum, Starch and Water

          Formulated without oil, fragrance, colourant and synthetic ingredients. Good for cats of all ages.

          How To Use: 

          1. Pour the whole pack into the litter box.
          2. To dispose, scoop and flush daily.
          3. Replenish a new pack every month. 

          TIP: For best results, clean the litter box with soap and water once a month.

          Storage Care: Use immediately once opened. Keep sealed when not in use up to 6 months. Store in a cool and dry place. 


          The only cat litter scoop you'll ever need. Bye-bye plastic scoops!

          • JUMBO size with a deep shovel for BIG scoops (saves time!)
          • Aluminum coated for ammonia (cat pee), water and rust resistance 
          • Solid oak wood handle for higher durability & easy on your wrist
          • Smart design to ease scraping the bottoms, sides and all corners of the litter box
          • Solid enclosed sides to minimize scatter during sifting 

          Measurement: 35cm Length x 14cm Wide x 5cm Deep

          Sift Size: 3mm

          Weight: 0.3kg

          Color: Solid Black with Oak

          Est. Usage Duration: Up to 10 years 

          Care Instruction: Hand washes or scrub with a gentle sponge with soap and water. Wipe dry with a clean cloth before use. 


          Let us say hello to PottyBox - a stainless steel cat litter box that speaks louder than its size and provides the most convenient way to care for your cat's business.

          BYE BYE ODOUR 👃

          Instead of plastic, it's made of food-grade stainless steel to prevent germs build-up from digging and scratches, which are the main causes of a stinky home. Say goodbye to stinky plastic litter boxes and hello to a cleaner home. 

          SUPER SPACIOUS 😻

          Super easy access with plenty of room for your cats to do their business, especially if they share. There will be no scary flaps or feeling cramped under the hood and accidents outside the litter box will be a thing of the past. 

          EASY TO CLEAN 💧

          With its nonstick and seamless surface, daily scooping is as smooth as butter, and its high walls to reduce tracking clean up. A simple, easy-to-clean box with no more bottom scraping.

          ECO-FRIENDLY 🌏

          Go easy on the environment by using a long-lasting, durable cat litter box that does not need to be replaced for a long time. No liners necessary.

          Material: Premium food-grade stainless steel with (4pcs) rubber foot pads

          Suitable for: Cats over 6 months old, large-sized cats and cats who share

          Size Dimensions: 60cm Length x 40cm Wide x 20cm High

          Weight: 2.1kg

          How To Use & Care:

          1. Fill the PottyBox with the entire pack of Pottycats litter. Due to the large size, we recommend filling 1 and 1/2 packs.
          2. To dispose, scoop and flush daily.
          3. Wash it with soapy water and a soft sponge once a month. Wipe down to dry.

          Good to know: For optimal performance, use only with Pottycats litter. Uneven metal grain finishes are to be expected and are safe to use because the PottyBox is 100% stainless steel. Do not bleach or use steel brushes or sponges as this will result in scratches. It's normal that liquid may cause spotting and staining on stainless steel surfaces; simply dry with a towel or gently rub with baking soda to remove it. 

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          Customer Reviews

          Based on 87 reviews
          Coco Mae
          Cats love it.

          Love that it clumps easily. Personally prefer the charcoal most.

          Stephanie Gan
          Starter Kit

          My fussy 20 month old cat took to the Starter Kit immediately. The soybean/charcoal litter mix clumps up as promised and is easy to remove. It flushes down easily as well. I have to deal with the smell for now as my cat is improving with covering her poop. Overall she and I are very happy with this product.

          Carin Roylance
          Starter Kit

          So far, so good! We decided to try this out for our two cat household. So far, the smell seems to be really good (less stinky cat smell) and it clumps very well. Just wondering how much I will need for my two cats in one month because it is a little pricey, but possibly worth it! This is a quality product.


          Patutlah cedok dia mahal dari kedai ECO. Rupanya kuat dan tahan lasak. Sekali cedok banyak hasil boleh kaut. Memang berbaloi beli

          Sarah Lee
          So far no real complains

          Pottycat litterbox is very pretty, our cat is big enough to be able to climb into the litter box and we can hear when the cat is kicking the litter (echoing sound) - so it helps us know when to clean the poo. Only a bit of litter gets carried on the floor. We put 1.5 tofu litter in the box - it does look like it goes fast, so we shall see. Otherwise it doesn't smell too bad (only when she poos, and doesn't cover the poo well).

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